Jun 23rd 2016
Headquartered: Mumbai
Branches: 3
Key Executives: K R Chaube, Santosh Bijagare, Samir Tapde
Number Of Employees: 82
Key Principals: IBM, Lenovo, HP, HPE, Microsoft
Key Verticals: Education, Media, E-commerce
Key Technologies: Business Intelligence and Analytics, Networking, Enterprise applications, Servers, Security

Over the last year, Technlink Infoware became agile, applied new business models, shifted from hardware-centric model to the software world, changed to opex business model, and created own IP. In a dramatic shift, Techlink has transformed itself to an ISV in the space of ERP (Supply Chain Management) with an installed base users across India. It has developed capabilities with a technically advanced team.


With the execution of international projects, Techlink has established itself as a leading player in enterprises data warehousing and data analytics. Techlink is also delivering a few more products such as incidence (service ticket/help desk) management and asset management through SaaS (Cloud) model. Enhancements in the products in terms of user rich experience for a digital environment are in the adoption stage.


Premier 100 Main Award: The Futurist 100


Premier 100 Main Award: The 100 Transformers

Premier 100 Special Award: Information