Mar 30th 2016 A-A+
Headquartered: Delhi
Branches: 3
Key Executives: Anita Jain, Director; Rajneesh Bhagat, Operation Head; Mamta Diwan, VP Sales and Marketing    
Number Of Employees: 135
Key Principals: Microsoft, IBM, ACL, PTC, Qlik 
Key Verticals: Government /PSUs, Hospitality, Automotive/Transportation, Manufacturing, E-commerce    
Key Technologies: Enterprise Applications, DevOps, Security, BI & Analytics, Managed Services

Trident Information Systems is one of the leading global providers of IT services and business solutions with a proven track record exceeding 15 years. The philosophy of being “committed to clients' success” is imbibed in its employees, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit to run the business and deliver value to clients at all times.

The firm, through its alliance with Microsoft, SAP and IBM, not only provides implementation services in enterprise application packages, but also provides niche solutions and services in its quest for serving clients beyond expected returns from package implementations.  

To be a trusted partner, Trident Information Systems remain committed to strengthening skills and expertise towards adding incremental value to its clients’ businesses by continually moving up the services value chain. The firm says that it believes in combining the best people, processes and technology to achieve excellent results consistently.  

The firm plans on diversification of revenue streams and creating new services on top of traditional products, e.g., vending machine vendors offering inventory management to those who supply goods by using newer technologies like IoT. 

Trident Information Systems aims at making its operations highly efficient and intelligent.  Given the enormous scope that new-age technologies have provided, Trident is making considerable investment in skills, products and intellectual property. According to Trident, its Internet of Things (IoT) business will help companies accelerate their journey towards IoT adoption and achieve significant efficiency from existing assets.


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