Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Indore
Branches: 0
Key Executives: Sanjeev Gupta, Director; Vikas Gupta, Director; Himanshu Gupta, Sales Executive
Number Of Employees: 10
Key Principals: Lenovo, LG, HP, Dell, Logitech, Acer, Microsoft, Vertico, REHL
Key Verticals: Education, Government, Manufacturing, Government, Education, Others
Key Technologies: Desktops & Notebooks, Signage, Power & Cooling, Servers, Printers    

Indore-based Veltronics India’s strategy to become future ready involves expanding its presence across newer geographies. Earlier, the company was deploying projects only in Indore and its surrounding areas, but it is now working with clients outside the city, and deploying projects to remote areas in the country.  

The predominant digital drive in India has opened up a chest of opportunities for manufacturers and India’s IT channel community. Veltronics India is all prepped to take full advantage of it. The company is currently focusing on government projects – not only in the state of Madhya Pradesh, but also other states like Rajasthan. 

One of its key projects is with the Jabalpur High Court. To feed its geographical expansion strategy, the company perfected its delivery operations, which empowers it to provide the best possible experience to clients in remote locations. 

Veltronics India is also speeding up its solutions journey to the cloud, and it is focusing on providing affordable video conferencing solutions, which will be operational on desktops or mobiles without the need of a dedicated web conferencing interface. 

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