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Eurostar CIO stores on Box and speeds to collaboration

Cross-channel rail operator Eurostar has put its entire storage strategy into the cloud. The rail network which travels underneath the English Channel has moved its storage, shared drives, file transfer and content management onto the Box platform, CIO Antoine de Kerviler told this title's CIO 100.

7 technology resolutions for a better 2016

Get fit, have fun, save money, and other great ways tech can help you improve your life this year.

Coding for cars: The next generation of mobile apps

For several decades, enterprise developers had to support one simple platform: computers on desks. Then the smartphone came along and we had to find ways to deliver the data to a smaller, more mobile rectangle. All of these challenges, however, prepare us little for the next big platform to come: the automobile.

Mobile Workforce will Become the Norm in 2016

According to Shalil Gupta, Associate VP– Insights and Consulting, IDC India, enterprise mobility adoption in 2016 will be a true reflection of the real needs of an evolving and mature workforce – that demands an experience that is always connected, secure, rich and convenient to use.

Enterprise Mobility: Dialling 2016

Ongoing trends have stressed upon the requirement for enterprises in securely managing mobility throughout the organization and raise the question—is 2016 the year for enterprise mobility?

Enterprise Mobility Outlook 2016: Running Low on Battery

Mobilization of workforces shows no signs of slowing down, but as enterprise mobility grows, new requirements are arising. How are IT decision makers addressing these needs in 2016?

Here’s Why Enterprises Should Deploy Mobility in 2016

Mobility is still at an early stage of maturity in most organizations, but interest is accelerating. Here is why it will become a key business element for this year.

Enterprise Mobility Outlook 2016: We Can’t Afford to Miss the Bigger Picture

Mobile devices are graduating from being business tools to key components of businesses. With this evolution comes change—but resolving old issues creates new challenges. What will mobility advancements bring for 2016?

Making the case for last-minute Christmas gifts

Looking for an affordable gift you can pretty much be certain your friend, loved one, colleague or boss can use? Nothing says, 'I care' more than a mobile phone case. Colors abound, but don't just grab one without thinking of the meaning of the color you choose. Our infographic looks at every angle of picking the right mobile case.