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India's biggest blockchain project- Explained

In this episode we show you what to expect from IndiaChain, the Indian government's first full- fledged blockchain infrastructure for the country. 


Script edited by Shantheri Mallaya

Post production by Kshitish

Voice over by Saheli Sen Gupta



Avaya acquires Spoken Communications

Avaya’s latest cloud investment provides customers with flexible solutions across public, private and hybrid cloud models.

Data privacy: What your employees don’t know but should

Employees tend to have significant gaps in their data privacy awareness, particularly about the data handling requirements of regulations like the GDPR and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.

How Cisco is building a bridge to a channel of coders

The year 2018 is already being defined as the year that vendors walk away from traditional routes to market, favouring the new and neglecting the old.

How organizations are using Microsoft's on-premises cloud platform

Azure Stack is Microsoft's on-premises version of its Azure cloud service, enabling customers to hold sensitive information within their own facilities but with the ability to reach the Azure public cloud, too.

Nearly half of organizations fail to change security strategy after cyber-attacks: Survey

CyberArk survey shows organizations are failing to secure privileged accounts and credentials in the cloud, on endpoints and across IT environments

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Security risks: What you really need to know

Anyone in security knows that it’s all too easy to feel ready for whatever comes our way. 

What makes the digital payments space in India an unguarded minefield

In wake of the National Cyber Security Coordinator’s startling revelation of 1.5 lakh online transactions being compromised every day, digital payment companies in India are walking on thin ice when it comes to protecting user data.

Seven cyber security predictions for 2018

Based on industry trends, legal framework changes, expert insights and technological evolution, the following cyber security happenings have been predicted:

Netmagic launches new-gen multi-cloud based hybrid IT services to meet growing demands

The launch of new services will enable the monitoring, provisioning and management of complex IT environments across multiple clouds.