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New blockchain targeting sustainable development economy

Ian Jones describes corporate social responsibility funding as a ‘grudging obligation’ that, as it currently stands, achieves very little apart from being an exercise in good PR.

Inside EY: invest, build or partner?

For a business renowned for risk management, EY is executing on the promise of technology on their own terms.

Accenture acquires Real Time Analytics Platform; expands touchless testing platform with AI

Accenture has acquired an artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Bay Area, California-based Real Time Analytics Platform ( The technology will be integrated into the Accenture Touchless Testing Platform.

IBM wins blockbuster USD 1B Australian Federal Government deal

IBM has signed a whole-of-government deal with the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Agency worth $1 billion, with channel partners set to benefit.

Plantronics completes acquisition of Polycom

The acquisition of Polycom will accelerate and expand Plantronics’ vision and enable it to deliver the broadest portfolio of end points.

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What is the mystery about the Deep and Dark Web?

Deep Web. Dark Web. Ransomware. Tor. Illegal activities. Bitcoin.

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How to identify, prevent and recover from cryptojacking attacks

Cryptojacking is a sneaky but extremely effective way for hackers to get their desired results in exactly the surreptitious, stealthy way they desire.

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Cryptojacking: FAQs for Businesses

More than 2,000 computers from Aditya Birla company were targeted by hackers for cryptojacking.

Inside story: How Kaspersky Lab is building trust

After the Trump administration banned the use of Kaspersky Lab products, the cyber security vendor has attempted to banish allegations of Russian influence.

Top Cybercrime Manifestations: Explained

In this Episode we break down how exactly various forms of cyber attacks originate and work. 


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