ACPL SYSTEMS, Ravindra Pathak
Mar 30th 2016
ACPL offers cutting-edge technology solutions to reduce business risks, protect data, and achieve business objectives. The company works on the forefront with the customers, and help them transform digitally. The complete expertise of ACPL is to help customers with their end to end protection, by identifying the assets, drawing up strategies, implementing the solutions, managing the process, and ensuring customer security. ACPL understands security to the core, and uses a 360-degree approach to strengthen the security framework and mitigate the cyber risk. This includes identification, analysis, monitoring and controlling the process. ACPL understands that true security needs to be fortified with continuous testing and monitoring, and therefore it works closely with our customers to identify the weak spots in their network and design a custom security solution for them. It also uses depth and breadth of experience to ensure that their customers remain secure.