ARROW PC NETWORK, Gurpreet Singh Bhatia
Mar 30th 2016
Arrow PC Network is the next generation IT partner helping customers in their transformational journey of digitization. The company works with the BFSI sector and provide digital surveillance solutions to investigate irregular activities in organizations. Alongside, the company also works with global fashion brands and provides product lifecycle management solutions to achieve a new level of control and visibility over the production process. Arrow PC Network also works closely with the healthcare and pharmacy sector, where it deploys digital technologies to significantly increase visibility into supply chain operations. It allows customers to fully integrate the supply chain and improve operational processes, in order to become more adaptive and responsive. With all these successful implementations, the company is able to provide value to the amount spent on the IT infrastructure, and customers are able to achieve their business goals. This has helped Arrow PC to position itself as a next generation IT partner who is a curve ahead the competition.