ASPIRE NXT, Carl Patrao
Mar 30th 2016
Formerly known as 3in Solutions, Aspire NXT, started as a traditional hardware provider supporting customers across multiple locations. But, over the time it has realized the importance of having a digital approach to survive the game. With continued thought it embraced new technologies, which not only helped the company, but also its customers. It began the journey in the digital frameworks, which later applied and added value to its customers as well. The company was has consulted and deployed digital solutions for large manufacturing companies, large e-commerce companies, and customers in the healthcare sector. Aspire NXT believes in investing in the right set of people and tools, which helped the company grow at a CAGR of 300 percent year on year. Going digital has not only helped Aspire to drive depth into customers, but has also helped in driving the story to new logos.