May 25th 2017
Bloom Electronics commenced its India operations in 1991 and today it is positioned as one of the leading system integrators in the country. As a group, Bloom is present in India, Middle East, Australia, Africa, UK, US and APAC countries. The company has built its business on very strong ethical and commercial fundamentals, which has not only helped it to grow big but has also enabled to firmly establish it as the ‘partner of choice’ for most of the major vendors and business partners. One of the major projects of the company includes introducing the concept of a Computer Super Market in the entire state of Tamil Nadu. Bloom was recognized by Samsung for its intuitive and customer centric initiative of a digital compact disc library for education and entertainment sector and has been awarded by Intel for its best marketing practices in the South Asian region. It also has been signed as the first exclusive distributor and a master reseller for Dell India.