F1 INFOTECH, Sunil Gupta
Mar 30th 2016
F1 Infotech’s digital strategy revolves around customers i.e. knowing our customer better, giving better service experience and filling the gap (if any) between the customer expectation and our deliverables. The company has moved to automated solution (cloud based software) with data base of customers, installed base, online support ticket generation and feedback on the solution and support provided. The software helped us to maintain historical data about the technologies and products used by customers for better analysis which helps in upselling and cross selling at the same customer. F1 has a dedicated team working focusing on cloud framework with strategic alliances with AWS and Azure. The ultimate goal is to create customer user experience loop to meet their organization’s goals. The digital strategy helped us in growth of business not only in new market/ customer but also helped in enhancing footprint in existing market/ customer.