ISHAN GROUP, Pinkesh Kotecha
Mar 30th 2016
Ishan has been working with a clear mind set to enable the SMB / SME being able to use the mainstream products which are utilized by the top corporates. The company has gained a massive acceptance in various geographies, owing to the capabilities around providing curated solutions in networking, compute, storage, connectivity solutions and subscription based offerings.For a sustainable cash flow and execute large projects in government ecosystem successfully, there was an increase in traction across corporate segment and annuity business including regular activity of generating invoices for comparatively smaller transactions to keep the growth intact and meet customer and vendor obligations. Apart from strong pre-sales and project deployment teams, a clear differentiator was the capability to take complete ownership of the infrastructure value chain comprising internet and branch connectivity solutions being Category – A ISP and NLD License holder. This USP is tough to replicate for competitors and has contributed well to bring in new customers.