ITCG SOLUTIONS, Nilesh Kuvadia
Mar 30th 2016
As a part of digital strategy in last fiscal, ITCG has taken steps to ensure the digital transformation for their end customers too. With the majority of the OEMs moving to only opex business model to help the customers reduce their current investment cost, it gives a defined predictable budget to be invested on a yearly basis which is a great insight for solution providers like ITCG. This has given a big success for ITCG business despite the fact that the cost of ownership of software product going down. The advantages to the customer of ITCG have been global availability of the product, easy management, defined investment schedule, global support, low cost and pay as you use strategy. With Microsoft’s platform offerings now demanded on Opex model to save huge space, manpower, maintenance, power etc; ITCG solutions teams are working with OEMs like Microsoft in the new order of Opex world.