May 25th 2017
JNR Management joined hands with Symantec years back as their preferred platinum partner to address the PKI industry. The joint promotion of ‘Encryption Everywhere’ program with Symantec, based on securing the entire world against cybercrime, enabled JNR to educate more people related to the benefits of web security worldwide. It not only resulted an enormous number of sales in JNR’s core product, digital certificates, but also made their horizons broader for other solutions. Today, web security, Hardware Security Modules (HSM), endpoint security, Unified Threat Management (UTM), data backup are availed by top-notch private organizations as well as public sectors. The quality of company’s products and services is the reason that their customers are happily associated with them since years. Staying updated with this ever-evolving technology and making it simplified for customers help any organization set new benchmarks and overtake its rivals on the highway of success is the company’s mantra from this fiscal.