Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: KOLHAPUR
Branches: 5
Key Executives: Ashvini V. Danigond, Executive Director & CEO
Number Of Employees: 224
Key Principals: Microsoft
Key Verticals: Healthcare
Key Technologies: Business Intelligence and Analytics, Enterprise Applications, Virtualization, Mobility

Manorama Infosolutions has developed solutions transforming every aspect of healthcare ranging from smart ERP/Innovative solutions, EMR/EHRs, telemedicine, next generation/Mobile apps, IoT connected devices/IoT solutions, patient portals impacting patient safety along with quality of healthcare delivery. Their solutions are interoperable, WHO-compliant with secure architecture on HL-7 standards. They have worked with the region specific healthcare guidelines and successfully introduced their solutions in India, Asia Pacific, Middle East and African continents; providing uniformity of services. They have implemented their solutions at renowned healthcare organizations and medical research Institutes facilitating Health Information Exchange.

They have also established patient centric treatment protocol for Government of India, provide continued services in the international market for healthcare, e-claim and KPO services under Enterprise Architecture. They have worked in the Gulf countries for the Ministry of Health for specialized EMR, integrated with Big Data for Healthcare Analytics.

In 2017, they were ready with platform for HIE- Health Information Exchange with application interoperability protocols which will allow their customers to remain with existing solution but expand to new requirements and technical enhancements. They are now offering Healthcare industry with three versions of HIMS for Corporate, Public and Global sector.

The company cater to centralization of client database facilitating Health Information Exchange and provide for management MIS Dashboard and Analytics. They offer Global Healthcare Entities, Research Institutes and Medical Universities specialized solutions which are interoperable with built in Intelligence contributing to recommendations for quality improvements.

With focus on providing Innovative Solutions they have catered to huge healthcare projects like Bliss GVS -Public Private Partnership project from Kenya for chain of clinics with e-claim KPO facility, CDH-ministry of Health, Kuwait project for Cardioscience and STS Repository, Enterprise for MCGM connecting 400 hospitals providing HIMS, Data Center and E-health services over cloud, For USA Healthcare Company Lifeline Lab in Bag— an IoT solution providing remote diagnosis on 3G handset connected with biomedical devices for online treatment to physicians with patient clinical investigation results.


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