MINITEK SYSTEMS, Rajiv Ramchandra Gite
Mar 30th 2016
Minitek Systems has been able to gain more than 15 percent increase in its turnover over the earlier year, though the upcountry market was at a slower pace in the year 2014-15. The company focused more on higher products like servers, workstations, printers, accessories, and networking products that provided more margins than the normal PCs, notebooks, and etcetera.
Minitek concentrated more on the larger projects, resulting in a vaster exposure. It also appointed special project managers to concentrate exclusively on the timely execution of the projects. This not only enabled timely execution, but also relieved the other members of the service team to concentrate on other services.
This strategy also helped Minitek take up many more projects throughout the year. Even in the services domain, the company took up AMC services for UPS and networking along with the regular combined AMCs. The company also arranged training programs for several of its staff. This helped in bringing out more efficient results from the sales and service personnel.