NEW WAVE COMPUTING, Anand Aravamudhan
Mar 30th 2016
NewWave has been privileged to serve over 1000 customers and continues to do so by delivering IT products, solutions, and services. In the endeavor of keeping pace with this disruptive environment, the company has brought best-of-the-solutions through strategic partnerships. Some of the key involved areas have been around infrastructure transformation, security transformation, and workforce transformation, through solutions like virtualization, hyper-convergence, mobility, data protection, cloud, and security. To stay relevant to the game, NewWave continuously demonstrates value by spotting unrecognized problems, providing an unanticipated solution, and revealing an unseen opportunity. NewWave believes the entire IT industry to be at an inflection point, which is causing a paradigm shift. NewWave’s solutions are backed by the following services, an advisory workshop for introducing the solutions, assessment services to gain customers’ perspective, pilot services, implementation and optimization services for deploying solutions and managed services.