Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: MUMBAI
Branches: 6
Key Executives: Anuradha Kaur, MD; Aakanksha Makhija, Director - Sales & Alliances; Simran Makhija, Head - Finance & Services
Number Of Employees: 32
Key Principals: Palo Alto, Riverbed, Cisco, HPE/Aruba, Juniper, Multitech, Nexus, Symantec/ Blue Coat, Sophos
Key Verticals: Healthcare, Manufacturing, BFSI, Hospitality, IT/ITeS
Key Technologies: Networking, Security, Mobility, Public Cloud, Unified Communication, Datacenter Solutions

One Network Consulting has an interesting journey toward being a trusted transformation partner. It was always known as a key partner in datacenter, networking and security domain.  However with changing corporate infrastructure scenario, applications are moved out of datacenter. Users are moving out to branches from headquarters, remote workplace is a reality, BYOD is essential to attract young talent in a lot of organizations and Internet has become a new corporate network.

In this case, since applications are moving out of DC to cloud, traditional networking and security won’t help. This is where One Networking Solution steps in to help corporate to transform in various ways: 

  1. Application migration from datacenter to cloud.
  2. Cloud security through web security gateway.
  3. Storage migration from datacenter to cloud through IaaS.
  4. Close the IT monitoring visibility gap.
  5. Analysis of the impact of IT on user productivity.

One Network Consulting was also aware that this wasn’t a one-time effort for corporates but a long journey. Hence, the perseverance attitude helped. It worked on a 2-3 year plan and start working in phases with corporates and vendors and established themselves as a trusted transformation partner.


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