Jun 23rd 2016
With the advent of disruption in the market, Optimistic Technology Solutions adopted newer technologies and better approach to have an edge over other players. This helped the company in riding the digital wave. The company did in-depth research to create value, and decided to include archival (DLM), mobility, cloud, IRM, MDM, vulnerability assessment, two-factor authentication, security, and virtualization. Optimistic Technology has also sharpened its focus on high data growth environments with scalable, performance oriented DR management solutions with zero RTO solutions. It handpicked its OEMs, which helped them in the business growth—Huawei, Blackberry, Teenable, Entrust, Kaspersky, Hitachi, Netapp, and Veritas. It also focused on adding team skills and become as independent as possible. Today the company’s portfolio is fairly spread out across technologies, with storage and backup contributing over 48 percent to their revenues, and networking and security contributing 22 percent and 10 percent respectively.