QUADRASYSTEMS.NET (INDIA), Prashanth Subramanian
Mar 30th 2016
Quadrasystems.net has always believed that to transform is to survive and thrive. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, the company has seen several transformative and disruptive trends, but the rate of change seems only to accelerate and the cycles are getting shorter with every passing year. One major trend that is driving this disruptive transformation is the shift of from merely deploying IT to helping in the adoption of IT for tangible business gains.
Quadrasystems.net has transformed its engagement model to one that is defined and driven by its customers’ needs, and not by technological trends. The company’s sales and pre-sales motions currently put business needs first, and talk about how IT can be leveraged as a utility to drive measurable change. The go-to-market is also built around selling IT around business workloads, which is a complete transformation from selling technology solutions. This is a trend which is here to stay, and Quadrasystems has seen deeper, more profitable and more sticky customer engagements with this approach.