SHRO SYSTEMS, Anirudh Shrotriya
Mar 30th 2016
Shro Systems undertook several measures this year to ensure that it stays ahead of the market. Its transformative strategy was to improve processes so that it can maximize internal productivity and deliver TCE,offer various innovative models to customers in a year with tight budgets of customers and to reach out to as many new customers as possible.
In the last fiscal Shro Systems focused on OPEX-based models such as Flexible capacity in the datacentre , Managed print services , O365, IAAS aggregation, Operating leasing offerings , device-as-a-service and we have got one or more than one win in each category which raised the overall annuity revenue of the company by almost 50%.
The company also focussed on two major trends in the wireless and converged systems market, offering it to customers to help build wireless campuses and drive instant implementation with workload optimized appliances. The company also invested in a lot of demo equipments to run several POCs at customer places mainly around eVDI and Cloud.