Mar 30th 2016
Sigma Byte’s changed business philosophy, which occurred three years ago, has led to a major overhaul of many of its traditional offerings such as cabling where the company has proposed next generation CAT6A & Fiber with LHZH flavour. Sigma Byte has also conceptualized a smart IP ELV solution which signifies an unified, integrated approach for services such as network management, security management and building management. Sigma Byte has offering for in-building wireless - this ensures that “service provider neutral” cellular coverage infrastructure is available in malls, airports, metro stations etc. Sigma Byte has developed skills for data wireless and connected smart home, that ensures home users stay connected and secure with other solutions such as energy management, access control and remote monitoring. On the customer service front, Sigma Byte has implemented a web based real time tracking system that helps customers to raise ticket online with status on call and completion report.