TAARAK INDIA, Harish Tyagi
Mar 30th 2016
Taarak India’s core focus being security, its customers were keen on ascertaining that while they adopt a more aggressive adoption of 'digital' ideology, how they could ensure the sanctity of the data and the systems as they were allowing more access, increased sharing and a higher level of dependence on technology to drive and grow their business. Keeping this trend mind, Taarak has started approaching customers and educating them on the need to adopt technologies and trends to help their businesses grow faster, stay more relevant and competitive by the adoption of platforms. Taarak India also educated customers on how to share information (cloud) as well as to use tools for advanced data crunching to project business trends and growth in the future. As a result Taarak was involved in more consultations, POCs of security solutions as well as a significant amount of 'out of the box' thinking.