Mar 30th 2016
Trident Information Systems has been continuously evaluating its strategy to identify unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges of all aspects of the business. At the core of digital strategy is converting data into information to drive exponentially better business decisions. Accordingly, Trident has developed new solutions to help retail companies to optimize their inventory by deploying IoT solutions, deploying it on the cloud, take their ERP on subscription model so that they can save their precious capital and turn it into opex, improve many IT organizations profitability by leveraging various DevOps tools. Trident has developed solutions for IoT & DevOps to track and trace food items and goods good handling, delay, inventory and location alerts, customer behaviour and preference tracking . Among other things, Trident also adds value by providing customer relevant info on mobile devices as a common view to manufacturer, transporter, retailer and other business stakeholders – blockchain, workforce tracking and management in field operations.