Mar 30th 2016
Valuepoint Solutions adopted some concrete strategies such as analyzing customers’ business model and offering new digital transformation services, building Hybrid IT Solutions for customers, creating solutions to secure customers data by using tools for threat detection and remediation from ransomware attacks or any cyberattacks. Valuepoint also developed an internal mobile app for collaboration among 2500 employees and also created a new business Unit "Business Applications & Cloud Solutions” which has already acquired skillsets in BI, DW, ETL & Analytics. Valuepoint has setup a COE that has acquired around 75 Customers last year. The company also commenced a 2000 Sf Ft Network Operations Center (NOC) to deliver remote services round the clock, besides a 500 Sf Ft Security Operations Center (SOC) to deliver remote services round the clock. Over the last year, Valuepoint also gained tremendous knowledge in delivering smart city projects working with Global System Integrators.