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HP unveils game-changing 3D metal printing technology

Called HP Metal Jet, the technology is up to 50 times more productive -- delivering low-cost, high-quality mechanically functional parts for the auto, industrial and medical industries to begin with.

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HP launches mini desktop 260 G3 for students

HP has announced the launch of the mini desktop to help students across India to learn, collaborate in schools and educational institutions across the country.

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HP plans entry into refurbished market in India

HP is making a big push towards affordability in India. Recently the company launched mini-desktops starting at a price range of Rs. 19990 for students and education institutes. 

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Smart Video: Insights and Data Storage Strategy

Bengaluru has planned to have 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras across all arterial and sub-arterial routes, to improve public safety and promote better traffic management.

How the channel can capitalise on a “digitally distraught” market

Sixty per cent of organisations classified as “digitally distraught”

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Your enterprise data may be just a search away: Secure it now

There are a whole host of reasons why organizations should consider encrypting their sensitive data: for protection, for legal reasons, to comply with global compliance policies and safeguard customer interests. 

Apple gets its ultimate revenge on Michael Dell with the world’s first trillion-dollar market cap

AAPL briefly surpassed the fabled USD 1 trillion market capitalization, 20 years after Michael Dell famously said he’d shut down the company if he was in charge.

Has SonicWall had a channel clear out?

SonicWall has allegedly issued a round of redundancies impacting channel facing roles across the world, following a sweeping reorganisation of internal recourses.

Cisco is buying July Systems to bolster its Wi-Fi application options

Cisco says July Systems offers an enterprise-grade wireless location platform with features such as instant customer activation, data-driven behavioral insights, contextual rules engine and APIs.

Cryptomining spree: Apple bans mining apps on iOS

Apple has created new rules for app developers that ban the creation of cryptocurrency mining services on mobile devices.

IBM launches new availability zones worldwide for hybrid enterprise clouds

CIOs and data center managers who run large hybrid clouds worldwide have a greater chance of hearing IBM knock on their doors in the next few months.

IBM strengthens mainframe cloud services with CA’s help

IBM and CA have teamed up to achieve better performing applications for private, hybrid and multicloud operations.