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RSA unveils new identity management suite

RSA's new offering provides identity assurance and multifactor authentication to any resource on premise or in the cloud.

In the media business? Solve the content puzzle first: COO of Viacom18 Digital Ventures

Gaurav Gandhi, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures, highlights how media businesses should focus on evolving in the digital era and why analytics happen to be a goldmine for media houses.

Entering 2016, Augmented and Virtual Reality still in legal soup in India: Gaurav Sharma, IDC

AR and VR being at their novice stage, it can be said that providers of these technologies themselves are in a fix as to how to go about building and selling such solutions.

Planning to deploy Augmented Reality in 2016? Don't worry about skillsets

While implementing a Virtual Reality solution may demand certain specific skill sets from an enterprise perspective, but with Augment Reality it’s vendors who need to develop skills.

Augmented Reality: How Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals boosts sales in 2016

The company implemented an AR solution which enabled them to increase visibility, sales and brand reputation.

Here's how Augmented and Virtual Reality will look like as we kick start 2016

AR and VR are technologies of the modern era and to explore the possibilities an IT leader indeed needs to think out of the box.

Enterprise Social, a must-have for your digitization goals in 2016, Indian CIOs forecast

Today, CIOs are doing their best to provide their enterprises with collaboration platforms that can actually have positive business impact.

Battle between enterprise social platforms and mails will continue in 2016

If we are to forecast enterprise collaboration's growth in 2016 then it still lags behind to emails.Not only cost, ease of use and duration are definitely two strong aspects of emails that are tough to beat.

Collaboration a key to enterprise digitization in 2016, India's IT experts forecast

For 2016 and beyond, enterprise collaboration would be one of the key engines to steer and power the digital economy in India, say experts.

Doing collaboration for your enterprise? India’s C-suite walk the talk in 2016

In 2016, India's C-suite should lead by example to ensure that employees do not throwaway a collaboration platform as just another technology inclusion which is fine to let go.

Why IoT still remains trapped in its hype cycle as we hop on to 2016

Two major issues that IoT will face in 2016 and beyond, especially in India, are that with growing data flows challenges pertaining to security and more importantly privacy will emerge.

2016: Zooming into IoT’s disparity between hype and reality in India

The term internet of things (IoT) is itself is so broad and involves so many aspects from hardware components to software to data that it becomes difficult to comprehend what exactly it is, even in 2016.