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Shortage of security talent a big hurdle for Indian businesses: Terence Ng, FireEye

Small and mid-market businesses may not have the budget for high end cyber solutions, says Terence Ng, channel director, Asia Pacific Japan, FireEye

Beyond Boundaries: Top countries affected by cybercrime

The internet has no limits as attacks can come from all over the world. Attackers are global, profit driven individuals. They don’t see nationality, but only IP addresses and lump some gains.

Ransomware attacks to escalate in 2016: Ravi Raman, Paladion Networks

Ravi Raman, SVP and head of engineering – security intelligence and analytics, Paladion Networks, believes that, since malwares take a lot of time to manifest, there is a need to use Big Data analytics to identify these threats.

We’re eyeing futuristic tech like machine learning: Shashank, Practo

We plan to acquire or invest in more futuristic technologies like machine learning, genome technology, wellness and fitness, says Shashank ND, the founder and CEO of Practo.

7 things keeping security professionals up at night

Today, security is a hot burning topic. Here are a few issues that keep security professionals on their toes.

Security aspects to keep in mind while embarking on a cloud journey

One may have escaped a security breach in 2015, but there is no guarantee that this year organizations will not be attacked. Here are few security aspects enterprises need to remember.

Enterprises must have a CISO as it provides a level of visibility: Kaushal Dalal, FireEye India

Today, attacks are becoming clever and the explosion of digital lifestyle is becoming very complex, says Kaushal Dalal, managing director - India, FireEye.

Union Budget 2016: A Robin Hood budget for startups

Founders of startups highlight their thoughts on the union budget 2016 presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley.

IT Energizes Logistics Industry in 2016

The top guns of logistics companies talk about their focus areas with respect to IT in the logistics industry.


How the Top Guns from the Logistics Industry Plan to Overcome all Hurdles in 2016

CIOs from the logistics industry talk about the challenges they are facing and how they plan to overcome them. 


Benefits of GST for Logistics Industry in 2016

According to Crisil, implementation of GST in the logistics industry will diminish logistics costs upto 30 percent over a period of 3- 4 years due to savings in logistics and removal of check posts.

Technology Drives Sustainability in Real Estate Industry in 2016

Indian CIOs and CXOs share insights on the growth of Intelligent Building Management Systems, and Smart Homes in 2016.