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Tech Genie Peeps Out of the Real Estate Industry in 2016

CIOs and CXOs voice their opinion on the emerging trends in the real estate industry.

Emerging Trends in the Real Estate Industry in 2016

Adarsh Narahari, MD, Mantri Primus Lifespaces talks about the latest developments in the real estate indutsry, the key challenges players are facing and the growth of smart homes.  

Cloud Riding For Travel and Tourism Industry in 2016

Personalization of services, moving infrastructure to cloud, and digital security are going to be the key trends in the hospitality industry.  

Healing the Hiccups in Travel and Tourism Industry in 2016

CIOs and CXOs talk about the problems facing the travel and tourism industry and their expectations from the government in 2016.

Emerging Trends in the Online Travel Industry in 2016

Himanshu Verma, CTO, highlights the developing trends in the online travel industry , IT aiding growth,  the concerns CIOs within the sector are keen on addressing, and the expectations from the government to give a boost to this sector.

How should a smart city be designed?

Pratap Padode, Founder and Director, Smart Cities Council India talks about the IT infrastructure requirements in a smart city.


India Post Simplifies Deliveries with Technological Integration

K Balasubramanian, Deputy Director General-Technology, India Post, talks about the technological integration with e-commerce companies for same-day deliveries.

How to use Activation Lock in iOS 7

If you ever lose your phone or tablet, iOS 7\'s Activation Lock feature could potentially save you some angst by locking out would-be thieves. When you erase your lost phone through Apple\'s Find My iPhone tool, iOS 7 will not only erase your data from the phone, but it will also require a thief--or whoever happens to find your lost phone--to enter your Apple ID and password in order to use the phone in any capacity. This effectively turns your lost, erased iPhone into a glorified glass-and-metal paperweight.