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GST Bill: What does it mean for the IT industry?

Industry bodies and analysts give their verdict on the passage of the GST bill in the Rajya Sabha and its implications for the Indian IT industry.

Our aim is to democratize WAN: Aryaka Networks CTO

The effects of globalization are far reaching—technology has ensured that. But Ashwath Nagaraj, CTO of Aryaka Networks, a leader in SD-WAN technology wants to democratize the network in the ever-changing enterprise environment.

2016 Premier 100: Channel partners are evolving to keep up with digital transformation

ChannelWorld India spoke to Premier 100’s Transformative 100 about how digital transformation is bringing a definite change in the channel ecosystem.

Brexit: Mixed bag for the Indian IT industry

With a small margin of victory, Britain has decided to leave the EU for good. So what does this mean for the Indian IT industry?

Uber opens Asia’s first engineering office in Bangalore

This is Uber’s first engineering center in Asia. The company has nine centers in the US and Europe.

Zerodha to soon launch Kite Publisher

Online brokerage company Zerodha will soon launch Kite Publisher, a service that it says will open up investment and trading to the masses and offer new revenue streams for financial content publishers.

India’s top 9 tech billionaires

India has around 100 billionaires according to the Forbes list of billionaires around the world. But how many of these have made those billions because of technology?

Union Budget 2016: A mixed bag for Indian IT enterprises

IT business and industry leaders are happy that the budget is aimed at the growth of the rural and agricultural sector--but for their own sector, it has still remained a smorgasbord of expectations and promises.

NASSCOM 2016: Are all transformations profound?

With the ever changing and emerging technologies, EMC’s Jeremy Burton and author Joe Weinman discuss the change in the way organizations work.

Net neutrality: It's now or never, says Google’s Anandan at NASSCOM 2016

To ensure net neutrality, the government must acknowledge its obligation to provide Internet connectivity like it has an obligation to provide education and other basic amenities.

Global leaders discuss IoT at NASSCOM 2016

In this hyper connected world, the real value of IoT lies in industrial applications. Global CXOs speak about the various aspects of IoT and how it can disrupt industries.