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The face of global sourcing will change with right people, says Citigroup’s Robert Rosetta

With the evolution of global sourcing and talent, the future seems to be very promising, says Robert Rosetta, MD and Global Head—Resource & Location Strategy, Citigroup at NASSCOM 2016.

Youngsters have changed, education system has not: Anant Agarwal, edX CEO

Education is our right and we should use technology so that we can extract the best out it, said Anant Agarwal, the CEO of edX, at NASSCOM 2016.

NASSCOM 2016: The journey from disruption to transformation

With digital going mainstream in enterprises, global CXOs at NASSCOM 2016 discuss and deliberate if the leadership is ready to tackle the journey from disruption to transformation.

IT leaders on value creation and transformation at NASSCOM 2016

IT transformation and business process transformation have given leaders a chance to create value. Ursula Soritsch Renier, CIO, Sulzer AG, and Bill Carter, CEO, ALM, discuss the need for this.

The brand should be like air: Kellogg's Sawhney at NASSCOM 2016

On the second day of NASSCOM 2016, Mohanbir Sawhney of Kellogg School of Management said that businesses need to adapt and change their marketing strategies in the digital era.

Machine intelligence and sensors will drive Industrial Revolution 4.0: Daniel Pacthod, McKinsey & Co

At NASSCOM 2016, Daniel Pacthod, VP at McKinsey & Co, outlined various trends and factors that will shape the industries of the future, thus ushering in the next Industrial Revolution.

Will robots do your job? Global IT leaders debate at NASSCOM 2016

During an interactive discussion at NASSCOM 2016, global IT leaders attempt to answer a vital question--are we going to be replaced by robots?

Money will cease to exist, says Yes Bank's CEO and MD at NASSCOM

At NASSCOM 2016, Rana Kapoor, CEO and MD of YES Bank, said that mobile currency is a key emerging technology that will cause disruption across all sectors.

Gartner lists top priorities for CIOs in 2016 at NASSCOM ILF

At NASSCOM 2016, Gartner’s Top Predictions 2016 point to radical shifts in business practices and individual behaviors. The future is digital, so enterprises need to define new relationships between people and machines.

Technology will help entrepreneurs play disruptive role: NASSCOM President, Chandrashekaran

Speaking at NASSCOM 2016, Chandrasekaran said that we are witnessing bright minds who are trying to build solutions for a disruptive future.

11 most followed speakers to watch out for at NASSCOM 2016

With more than 120 speakers at the 24th edition of the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, who are the most followed personalities on Twitter that you do not want to miss? 

Organizations painting the picture of future will leverage big data: Charles Race, Informatica

Charles Race, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations at Informatica, talks ‘big’ about big data, why companies need a flexible IT buying model and the company’s future plans after the LBO.