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Tech OEMs focus on upskilling IT Channels

With the changing IT landscape, OEMs are now slowly evolving their traditional partner programs and using them as a means to upskill their partners to sell better.

Chipmakers Qualcomm and Broadcom finally meet to discuss acquisition bid

Broadcom has been trying to acquire Qualcomm since November 2017, in what could be the largest acquisition in the tech industry.

Dell Technologies announces possible IPO or a business merger with VMware

In an SEC filing on Friday, Dell Technologies revealed that the company is ‘evaluating potential business opportunities’ including a possible IPO, or a business combination with VMware.

New kids on the block: AR-VR, wearables and 3D printing

SMAC architecture is passé, and every sector is now headed to a time of augmented reality-virtual reality, wearables, and 3D printing

The cloud market: Who are the rulers and why?

The public cloud services market of India is predicted to cross USD 4 billion by 2020. Which cloud service providers are making all the difference?

The connected era: How the manufacturing industry will adopt and adapt to IoT

After figuring out how to network devices together and how to analyse the data streaming from them, the industry now has to focus upon how to use these two to form definite business engagements to derive profitable outcomes.

Are CIOs confident enough to adopt cloud and how can cloud service providers help?

With issues of data residency and reluctance to move away from legacy resolved, the question now arises if the average Indian CIO has enough faith in cloud service providers to store and manage critical business data seamlessly.

Landmarks in fintech industry post demonetization

As we near the first anniversary of demonetization, here is a quick look at how the fintech sector has evolved in the past one year. 

Container technology will re-imagine the entire application landscape: Ravi Pinto, Oracle

Ravi Pinto, Director–Product Management of Oracle talks about how the company's partnerships with both Docker and Kubernetes is keeping it stay ahead of the competition.

Founded and well-funded, but have these companies profited?

While food-tech giant Zomato finally turned profitable last month, Paytm Payments Bank reported a loss of over Rs 30 crores just a few days later.

ABOF to shut shop in December; says ecom hasn't come of age

Faced with heavy competition in the market, Aditya Birla decides to shut ABOF, its second venture in the ecommerce market after Trendin.