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Sundar Pichai- In 90 seconds

Know about Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and the mastermind behind Google Chrome in 90 seconds!


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Five women entrepreneurs disrupting the e-commerce startup culture- Explained

According to NASSCOM, Indian women entrepreneurs stand at an abysmal number in the startup ecosystem. In this episode we talk about five women entrepreneurs who haven broken stereotypes by building successful e-commerce startups. 

Meet Debjani Ghosh, the first woman to head NASSCOM - In 90 seconds

Know about  Debjani Ghosh, the first woman to head NASSCOM in 30 years in 90 seconds!


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Cambium Networks appoints Redington as India distributor

Under the partnership, Redington India will offer service providers and enterprise network operators with cost-effective wireless solutions from Cambium Networks.

Software-defined datacenter and hybrid cloud are the need of the hour: Vikram K, HPE

While datacenters are becoming more software defined, hybrid cloud is a safe bet for Indian enterprises, says Vikram K, Director, Servers, HPE India.

Channels in India should rethink their PC business strategy: Rohan Thomas

The decline of PC sales is directly proportional to the rise in mobility in the SMB space and hence the channel partners should change their current strategies, says Rohan Thomas, Manager Research at AMI Partners. 

PC sales fluctuations only adds to the weary of channel partners

The PC sales has been sluggish for a while now. IDG India talks to channel partners about their current status, next move and expectations. 

Impact of GST Bill on IT distributors’ business in India

Here is what the IT distributors think about GST's impact on their businesses, OEMs and channel partners.