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Security budgets of Indian organizations: Where is it heading?

The perpetual catch up game between hackers and CISOs is resulting in a steadily rising cybersecurity budget. We take a look at what’s driving this trend and assess the security roadmap in 2018.

Emerging technologies to combat new age threats

Given the new age threat landscape, CIOs and CSOs across the board can no longer bank upon a fortified periphery that would protect the organization’s crown jewels.

What channel partners seek from Union Budget 2018

With the Economic Survey projecting a 7-7.5 percent growth in GDP in 2018, and the IMF pegging a slightly more optimistic 7.8 percent, the stage is set for the Indian enterprise to look forward to a prosperous year ahead. We take a look at the channel partner’s quintessential wish list.

What India Inc. wants from Union Budget 2018

From preferential tax rates to driving ‘ease of doing business’, here’s what the Indian enterprise and startup ecosystem expect from the Union Budget.

Increasing risk awareness drives Bajaj Allianz’s foray into cyber insurance

India has been rather late in opening up to cybersecurity insurance. But changing risk dynamics brought about by the digital wave has changed the insurance space as we know it.

Oracle’s new licensing model could give AWS a run for its money

Oracle’s ‘Bring Your Own License’ program, coupled with its Universal Credit model adds serious fire power in the cloud war. Our talk with channel partners and Oracle India’s CTO sheds light on why this strategy could be a game changer.

India bright on 5G and IoT; likely to have 5G from the day of roll out

India was late by three to seven years in deploying 2G, 3G, and 4G. That won’t be the case with 5G and IoT, the department of telecommunications tells us. We are likely to have 5G from the time it is deployed.

Why GST can prove to be a cash cow for tech companies

The GST has created a fair bit of flutter in the industry. What’s not been explored, though, is the goldmine that GST could turn out to be for tech players. 

SUSE gets rid of revenue model for partners, adopts skill-based approach

The software superpower has adopted an incentivisation strategy based solely on its partners’ skills and learning, says SUSE Channel Chief Mark Salter.

Get your digital agenda right: Ganesh Natarajan, 5F World

Founder of 5F World, Ganesh Natarajan shares his insights into what tech heads should do to stay on track in the digital transformation journey.

GST's the next cash cow for tech companies: Aravind Ramamoorthy, PwC

Goods and Services Tax has created a fair bit of flutter in the industry. Aravind Ramamoorthy, Partner at PwC, shed light on the opportunities opening up for IT with GST.

Ashok Soota of Happiest Minds decodes entrepreneurship

It’s imperative for budding founders to nail the basics to win at the enterprise game. Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman at Happiest Minds reveals how to do just that.