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Oracle’s new licensing model could give AWS a run for its money

Oracle’s ‘Bring Your Own License’ program, coupled with its Universal Credit model adds serious fire power in the cloud war. Our talk with channel partners and Oracle India’s CTO sheds light on why this strategy could be a game changer.

Premier 100 Security Special Award winners

Five enterprise channel companies were felicitated with the special award for security powered by IBM at Premier 100 2017.

2016 Premier 100 Winners reveal the next big thing in enterprise security space

Premier 100 Security Special Award winners reveal their thoughts on the upcoming threats, trends and opportunities in the enterprise security space.

How this CIO won the fight against DDOS attacks

For the Central Depository Services Limited, combating DDOS attacks is a priority since its core applications are Web-based, says Joydeep Dutta, its Group CTO.

2016: Crucial phase for banking industry in the digital marathon

2016 will be a critical year for the Indian banking industry as innovative products and strategies have to roll out successfully to drive digitization ahead.

How new focus areas will help Indian banks catch up with digitization in 2016

Banks in 2016 have to focus on innovation and customer experience to match up to the expectations.

Banking industry will welcome a new C-suite member in 2016

As digitization takes center stage in 2016, the Indian banking industry will have to welcome a new C-suite member- Chief Digital Officer.

2016: Indian Financial Services industry gets a makeover

Indian Financial services sector will get a makeover in 2016. Evolution of payment banks, financial inclusion initiatives and improving access to SMEs are just few of the new initiatives.

Financial Services industry will battle new challenges in 2016

While FY16 promises a lot of opportunities. But it will still be a bumpy ride. Financial services sector will still have some hurdles to cross.

Micro trends are FMCG industry’s new game changers for 2016

Indian FMCG industry needs to focus on the micro trends affecting the sector in 2016 and companies have to find a way to implement them effectively.

FMCG industry steps up its digital game in 2016

The indian FMCG industry realized only recently that it was missing out of the digitization race. FY16 presents opportunities for the sector to catch up.

How the changing Indian demographic will affect FMCG industry in 2016

As the growing number of women and digital savvy generation make their foray into the Internet market, the Indian FMCG industry will have to prepare strategies to cater to their expectations.