10 celebrated years of Premier100 Awards

Premier100 awards by ChannelWorld and IDG has been recognizing the excellence of India’s enterprise IT channel companies over a decade.

They took on new technologies, they devised agile strategies, and they dared challenge pre-conceived notions. The enterprise channel companies in India have seen it all in the last decade-economic downturn, emerging technologies, mobile-driven economy, cloud taking over, the hype of AI, and so on. But they have braved challenges and explored opportunities every year to emerge as the proud winners of IT channel industry’s most coveted award - The Premier100.

Every year was different, so was every challenge and opportunity. The channel partners (recognized as Premier100 winners) didn’t leave a stone unturned to design successful business strategies to lead the way to growth and profits. The winners at each of the editions of Premier100 awards since 2009 deserve every applause as they stood out ahead of their industry peers.

A look at the awards’ themes over a decade.

2018: The Imaginative 100

Digital disruption is compelling each enterprise to adopt emerging technologies. IT channels as a conduit between IT OEMs and end-user organizations have to be abreast with the changes. IT channel partners, therefore, have to take a big leap to become future-ready channels in the digital era with AI, HCI, IoT, SDx, Big Data to name a few. The 2018 edition of Premier100 will recognizes hundred channel companies who have helped their customers traversed the digital transformation successfully.

2017: The Futurist 100

'Unlock the Digital Future' was the theme of 2017. ChannelWorld recognized the channel organizations that were exemplary in implementing innovative, agile and transformative moves to transform their technology blueprint and business outlook to accelerate the digital agenda for enterprise customers.

2016: The 100 Transformers

In 2016 technology was hurtling down the silicon alley at breakneck speeds, leaving in its wake groundbreaking transformation that changed the industry. ChannelWorld recognized the transformative leaders who knew how to adapt their business to the changing landscape of the channel environment.

2015: The Agile 100

They took on new technologies, they devised agile strategies, and they dared challenge pre-conceived notions. That was the caliber of 2015's ChannelWorld Premier100 winners. Flooded with opportunities, these channel companies were fast but steady with innovation and agility with a winning streak in them.

2014: The Ingenious 100

The Ingenious 100 of 2014 recognized those who know what it is like to chase the next level in a situation of doubt. They turned to new technologies, renovated the existing ones and also discovered new geographies, from which they wrested new profits for their businesses. They were ingenious in their business strategy in that fiscal year to accelerate their company’s growth.

2013: The Bold 100

The Bold 100 were organizations that took the big risk of championing new ideas and practices to enhance their business and industry standing. These organizations set benchmarks and differentiated themselves from the rest to become award winners by executing their unique strategy demonstrated through clear business values.

2012: The Best 100

The winners of Premier100 in 2012 were the country’s finest channel partners who showed foresight, resoluteness and daring in their ability to stay ahead and grow business despite harsh economic conditions of that time. Collectively that year, the hundred companies generated a gargantuan of Rs 7,735 crore in revenues despite critical market conditions.

2011: The Dynamic 100

To be a Premier100 winner in 2011, the channel organizations had to demonstrate a dynamic business strategy or move they had implemented in fiscal 2010-2011 which had a significant impact on their respective businesses in those twelve months.

2010: The Innovative 100

Recession was the mother of innovation that year. Though it left behind a massive disaster in its wake, IT channel leaders made the most out of it. The winners made innovation their new mantra than their traditional GTM and technology blueprint and led their businesses effectively through the downturn.

2009: The Giant 100

2009 was a landmark year when ChannelWorld launched Premier100 awards in India specifically to honor partners who stood out with their strategies and for knowledge sharing initiatives among the peers. The winners of the inaugural edition of Premier100 event held at Goa were an example of hard work, commitment to excellence, and an entrepreneurial vision.

Edited By : Yogesh Gupta