79 percent CIOs are ready for digitalisation, Shantaram Shinde, Netmagic

Shantaram Shinde, VP of Business Development and National Head for Channel Business, Netmagic, explores why digital transformation is a big deal, top technology areas to invest in, and various business challenges.

Cloud computing, digital marketing, BI & Analytics, IoT, and Mobility are the top five technology areas where CIOs would want to invest in as part of their digitization drive, said Shantaram Shinde, VP Business Development and National Head for Channel Business, Netmagic. He was speaking at the 2018 ChannelWorld Premier100 symposium in Delhi.

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Shinde illustrated that the main agenda of the CIOs at the moment was digitization. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, 79 percent of the surveyed CIOs said they will participate in digitization, whereas 34 percent had also allocated budget for the same, he said.

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“According to our partner community the top five technology areas where CIOs can invest are 1) Cloud computing, which is the top most strategy for almost all the CIOs and partner community. 2) Digital marketing, to reach out to more customers, through digital platforms. 3) BI and Analytics. 4) IoT, and last but important 5) Mobility, which we use extensively.” Shinde added.

He reiterated that these five areas will see more investments, and said that these technologies definitely need platforms or infrastructure on which all of these things will run.

Top five tech priorities for CIOs

  • Cloud
  • Digital Marketing
  • BI and Analytics
  • IoT
  • Mobility

Netmagic which was founded in 1998, had their first data center in 2000. For the past 18 years they have been running data center business, and have gone through the whole journey of data center transformation.

“Automation is part of data center journey for response time, fault management, and for monitoring management that becomes a part of our challenges handling. We have successfully done that for the past 18 years. Customer retention is big thing in data center business, and it is sticky business where customer puts in his hard money and expects world class quality of service.” Shinde said.

Talking about benefits for the partner, Shinde announced that Netmagic will be paying all the pay-outs and all the overriding commissions for the life time of the customer. He also said that there will be rewards and incentives which will be given directly to partners’ sales person.