Accelerate digital transformation with Pointnext: Satya Kantipudi, HPE

Satya Kantipudi, HPE's Country Manager at Pointnext Channel talks on harnessing the power of hybrid IT, and real-time data analytics to enhance customer experiences, and improve core operations. 

Business scenarios have changed. Earlier, businesses relied on technology, but now technology forms the core of businesses. Every business should have the opportunity to succeed in today’s digital world. And success relies on how quickly a business is moving towards disruption.

Watch: HPE’s Country Manager updates partners on Pointnext

IT leaders have realized the importance of harnessing digital transformation to make a leap forward. And, that is why, HPE has developed Pointnext, ‘newly-redefined’ technology service, which is aimed at accelerating customers’ digital transformation around hybrid IT and intelligent edge computing.



Advisory and transformation service: Builds a roadmap for customers.


Professional service: Specializes in implementation, budget execution, and creative configurations.


Operational service: Manages on-premise and cloud capacity.

Satya Kantipudi, country manager - Pointnext Channel at HPE described Pointnext as a three pillar service.

First, advisory and transformation service designs customers’ transformation journey and builds a roadmap tailored to their pain points. Second is the professional service, which specializes in on-time implementation, on-budget execution, and creative configurations for software and hardware. And third is the operational service, which offers new ways to deliver IT by managing on-premise and cloud capacity.

Kantipudi further explained that the Pointnext team is designed to help customers exploit the power of hybrid IT and real-time data analytics to enhance their customer experiences, develop new digital products, deliver seamless services, and improve core operations.

HPE, with Pointnext, aims to partner with customers to transform their traditional infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud, and maximize the value of connected devices. The company has made investments in simplifying hybrid IT and enhancing intelligence at the edge to enhance the IT experience for customers.

In conclusion, Kantipudi said, as digital transformation is exploding, businesses must evaluate what it means for them. He believes that businesses will either become proficient in digital transformation or will fail and struggle to survive.