Backup is a key defense layer for ransomware: Murali Urs, Barracuda Networks

Murali Urs, Country Manager – India, Barracuda Networks sheds light on phishing and ransomware attacks, and the steps organizations can take to mitigate cyber attacks. 

Ransomware, phishing, APTs are the common security challenges that companies face to keep their data secure. In order to get access to passwords, credit cards or any sensitive information, hackers are using social media, emails, or any kind of information to steal valuable data.

The recent ransomware attack—WannaCry–has created a big mayhem as it crippled more than 200,000 computers worldwide in over 150 countries. Even, the e-commerce giant,  Zomato reported a security breach of 17 million email addresses and hashed passwords.

Barracuda's Vulnerability Manager scans for web application vulnerabilities across the entire website and has a vulnerability remediation service too.

According to Murali Urs, country manager – India, Barracuda Networks, 3 .8 million is the average cost of ransomware breach and 30 percent of organizations are infected by it. Malwares are mutating at an astronomical speed as 51 percent of the organizations report that malware is getting worse.

Watch: Barracuda Networks’ Country Manager sheds light on phishing and ransomware attacks

That said, to weed out malicious threats, Barracuda Networks has developed a few tools to increase visibility and stop the threats. Urs said that the company's Email Threat Service, which scans the organizations’ current mailboxes using the intelligence of Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) to find threats. It identifies owners of threats coupled with providing detailed reports and recommendations.

According to Urs, Barracuda has a tool named Vulnerability Manager, which scans for web application vulnerabilities across the entire website and has a vulnerability remediation service, which scans applications while reporting and remediating vulnerabilities automatically on the Web Application Firewall (WAF).  

All said and done, cybercriminals are always on the prowl to launch an attack, so organizations have to ensure that security is fast, tough and better at securing threats.