Cloud is king and security is queen for channels: Yogesh Gupta, IDG Media

In the opening session at Premier100 Awards and Symposium 2018, Yogesh Gupta, Executive Editor, IDG India presented the highlights from State of the Market and State of the CIO surveys for 2018 on tech investments and business climate.

The IT ecosystem has witnessed tremendous success in the last couple of years and the backbone for this success is none other than the channel ecosystem. In the latest State of The Market (SOTM) survey 2018 more than 50 percent of respondents indicated that the investment into cloud will be much higher in the coming years. 

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Yogesh Gupta, Executive Editor, IDG India, at the 2018 ChannelWorld Premier100 Symposium and Awards, illustrated that the country, at this point in time, is moving to a connected India from Digital India.

Six technology bets for channels in 2018

  • Cloud
  • Security
  • IoT
  • BIG Data/ Business Analytics
  • Infra Consolidation/ Virtualisation
  • Converged Infra/ Hyper Converged Infra

Source: State of the Market Survey 2018, IDG India

He says, “Everything is getting connected to everything, there has been a change of wind from 2017 to 2018, we have had a whole remonetisation year, we had GDPR upgrade happening, we had GST aftermath, many people were affected by that, and the most crucial important one is the Aadhaar, which is almost getting connected to all the services we use.”

In two surveys-- State of the Market (SOTM) survey conducted by the ChannelWorld, and State of the CIOs (SOTC) survey conducted by CIO--prominent CIOs, IT heads, and channel partners revealed some key trends of the market.

He says, “The environment is getting very challenging. Gone are the days when you are just going to sell a box or a solution to a CIO or an end customer, get your payments and your job is done. Things are changing, and they are changing very fast. Today, all the businesses want a channel partner or a system integrator to give them business outcome.”

“That is why it is going to be challenging. Technology landscape has a tendency to move faster than you can change, always. If you have IoT, SDx you will see your CIOs or yourself adopting it much slower, but technology will be moving much-much faster. That is always going to be the case.”

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Everyone is saying that they are going to increase fiscal for 2018-19, which is very optimistic. They are expecting the business to grow also, and the most crucial point that the companies risk appetite is going to be very high, almost half of the response agreed to that. 


Channels' challenges for 2018

  • Pressure on margins
  • Attracting and retaining talents
  • Growing revenues
  • Expanding customer base
  • Expanding product service portfolio
  • Adding net new customers
  • Decline in customer IT spends/ budget

Source: State of the Market Survey 2018, IDG India

However, a maximum number of the respondents are expecting IT security strategy and IT strategy tightly integrated within next three years and also most of the respondents have security budget in the range of 5 percent to 20 percent of total IT budgets.

People or channel partners are not only talking to CIOs; 76 percent respondents are speaking to other C-Suite officials too. 

It was also thought that the role of CIO is diminishing, the channel partners believe that CIOs role are getting stronger, it is not fading away but it is slightly changing. They are being given additional responsibility of a Chief Digital Officer, Chief Analytic officer, in many cases they are working with them to ensure that their IT budget are spends on newer technologies.

The next phase of systems integrators will involve more integration of systems, processes, devices, platforms, clouds, etc., and hence they should position themselves as digital integrators. Channels would emerge as the perfect orchestrators for their customers and CIOs in aligning the new technologies and the business benefits.