Five channel companies felicitated by ISODA at TechSummit

The winners are Secure Network Solutions, LDS Infotech, Compusoft Advisors, BMG Informatics and JNR Management Resources.

The sixth edition of ISODA TechSummit honoured five channel companies from India with  annual ISODA Business Excellence Awards for FY14-15.

The event was held at Langkawi and was attended by owners and directors of 85 channel companies (ISODA members) from India and senior executives of technology OEMs.

ISODA Award for Business Excellence for overall performance was claimed by Secure Network Solutions and Mumbai-based LDS Infotech was adjudged runner up.

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The awards jury panel consisted of ISODA committee members Biren Shah, K V Jagannath and L Ashok. The main criteria for evaluation included last three years' performance, latest technology services and solutions offered in the software sector, business practices adopted towards company’s goals, innovative methods and new initiatives planned for the future.

N.K Mehta, MD & CEO, Secure Network Solutions, while receiving the award said, “It is indeed gratifying to be recognized, honored and rewarded by our own community. ISODA has over 200 member partners like us. It’s very special since we were runners up for the last 4 years.”

Amarnath Shetty, MD, LDS Infotech says, “It has been a sought-after award within the software Industry in India and the ISODA community as a whole. It is a great pleasure to get this award."

This year, besides the two main awards, three awards for significant achievement in niche business areas were introduced . BMG Informatics, Compusoft Advisors and JNR Management Resources received ISODA Business Excellence Awards for excellent performance in non-metro location, applications, and website security solutions, respectively. 

Devesh Agarwal, CEO, Compusoft Advisors said, “This is the most important award in our industry. If they have certified our company performance, it ratifies our strategies and ensures that we are on the right track.”

A new entry to ISODA family, BMG Informatics won the award in the first year itself.  “It is a matter of pride as it has enhanced our  company's reputation, helped all  our employees to  take pride in their work and install confidence in customers about the quality and professionalism of our organization,” said Bhaskar Kalita, Director, BMG Informatics.

Prashant Jain, Director, JNR Management Resources said, “Coming from a totally non-IT background, we enabled ourselves with specific niche skills in our small domain and achieved new heights year after year. After APAC Partner of the Year 2015 by Symantec, this recognition from ISODA peers is a great achievement."

Jury members rated the applicants on a scale of 1 to 10 independently and all ratings was summed up. A good weightage was applied for financial performance too to arrive at the final awardee, said Biren Shah, ISODA member and MD of Adit Microsys.

ChannelWorld India interacted with the directors and owners of the winning partner companies and asked them for their key winning mantras in 2015:

N.K Mehta, MD & CEO, Secure Network Solutions

We introduced three people-related strategies and strangely, none were commercial or financial strategies. We adopted Employees First Customer Second (EFCS) model. The concept of MTR (Mutual Trust and Respect) among employees, superiors and peers enhanced overall performance. We introduced Balance Score Card methodology and 360 degree view appraisal system to enhance transparency. We have a mandate to nurture managers at all levels to control  attrition.

Amarnath Shetty, MD, LDS Infotech

The mantras of customer loyalty and repeat business are the cornerstones of today's market conditions. When you're fighting with competitors for every rupee, customer retention is key. We have implemented CRM tools to ensure automation of the highest order. Our business strategy was the foundation for creating awareness, generating interest in our products and services, closing new sales and continuing customer engagement.

Devesh Agarwal, CEO, Compusoft Advisors

The shift of customer segment from SMB to large enterprises helped us get the right value for our services, thus improving our profitability. Secondly, our sustained focus of Business Solutions of CRM and ERP helped us deliver better offerings and greater customer satisfaction.This helped us build vertical solutions around Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Prashant Jain, Director, JNR Management Resources 

We initiated three things in the past twelve months. Signing bulk contracts with OEMs helped reduce our purchase cost. Signing back-to-back bulk contracts with re-sellers not only helped in terms of sales but also considerably reduced our liabilities. We also booked forward contracts with our bankers, which reduced risk of Forex fluctuations.

Bhaskar Kalita, Director, BMG Informatics

Personalized customer relationships play an important role to in North East India. With minimal  private sector presence, we set our vison on Government IT strategy and investments plan. We always try to identify and prioritize all our key accounts and explore them to understand upcoming requirements. We also develop deep domain understanding to convert opportunity into orders through customer-focused strategies.