GlobeSecure stitches niche security story for Indian CISOs

Organizations should treat security as the business and not as a compliance, says Saravanan Narayanasamy, CEO, GlobeSecure Technologies.

GlobeSecure Technologies is registering the growth path to be the preferred security integrator for India Inc.

A systems and technology integrator, GlobeSecure offers design, integration, and technical services to enterprises and large enterprises across India.

It has been a great journey for the Mumbai-headquartered GlobeSecure Technologies incepted by Saravanan Narayanasamy and Gopinath Raman in its first two years of operation.

4 Mega Security Trends: Saravanan & Gopinath

·         Endpoint Detection & Response

·         Advanced Threat Prevention

·         Cloud / O365 Security

·         Security analytics / forensics

"As a new entrant in the industry we have achieved significant client base and a good turnover of in the first fiscal of operations," says Saravanan Narayanasamy, founder and CEO, GlobeSecure Technologies in an exclusive interaction with CSO India. "This year we have already bagged 80 percent of last year’s revenue within the first quarter of this financial year." 

More than 70 percent of company’s revenue is from the products, solutions and consulting services from the security domain.

GlobeSecure expects to double its revenues this fiscal with firm plans in place that leads its clients through technology and system changes in networking, security, performance, acceleration, monitoring and ADC. "Besides implementing products and solutions in security and networking, the services include network audit, security audit, architecture design, consulting services," says Narayanasamy.

Solutions like Crowdstrike, Gurucul, Smokescreen, Symantec +Bluecoat, Carbon Black, Checkpoint, F5, cyberbit are key security-focused technology partners. ”Inspite of working with multiple OEM’s, we do a detailed study of the customer’s environment and requirements and based on our analysis, we advocate the best-suited technology to solve their problems,” says Narayanasamy. "APT, cloud security and EDR are the focused technologies we implement for the organizations today."

With a branch office in Bangalore, GlobeSecure now has all of its client base in the enterprise to the large enterprise segment. "More than 70 percent of our clients are in BFSI segment while other verticals manufacturing, pharma and consulting equally make up the other vertical clients for us," says Saravanan.

The typical painpoints of CISOs and CSOs of Indian companies are visibility, prevention and RCA that takes lot of their time as per Gopinath. “Every enterprise company has multiple security solutions in place and the major problem area for every CISO and CSO is to stitch the security solutions together. We as Globesecure consult, architect and help orchestrate the complete solution enabling CISO’s to achieve total visibility end to end and near real prevention, ”says Gopinath Raman, co- founder and director, GlobeSecure Technologies.

The Niche Edge 

GlobeSecure works as exclusive or first channel partner with many tech OEMs like Gurucul, CrowdStrike to name a few.

Isn’t it difficult to convince CISOs about a new product from a niche security OEM in India? "In today’s system integration space, there isn’t much exclusivity left in the Indian market," reveals Narayanasamy.

GlobeSecure’s Security OEM Alliances includes Carbon Black, Checkpoint, CrowdStrike, Cyberbit, Gurucul, F5, Smokescreen, Symantec + Bluecoat.

He adds, “However being the first / early bird partner to some of the path breaking technology vendors like Gurucul, Crowdstrike we help our customers solve the most complex problems. We are able to convince our customers to use these new technologies by demonstrating strong technology value, implementation/support skills and enabling them to complete the adoption seamlessly.”

Gopinath of GlobeSecure agrees that aligning pre sales and technical resources are a key focus as there is shortage of cyber security professionals in India especially around new technologies. Narayanasamy agrees, “Being a core techie at heart, my key focus is investing in our technology team and enabling them to keep up with the market dynamics.Trainings and certifications form the mandatory hygiene for our technical team.”

Besides a dominant footprint in security that including security services, big data, networking and cloud look promising for the future for us as per Narayanasamy.

“We at GlobeSecure consult, architect and help orchestrate the complete solution enabling CISOs to achieve total visibility and near real prevention.


                                                  Gopinath Raman

            Co-founder and Director, GlobeSecure Technologies

Indian CISO and CSOs should treat security as business and not as compliance says Narayanasamy. They should focus more on skill empowerment and prefer breach assessment over VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing), he adds.

GlobeSecure Technologies is focusing on EDR, Advance threat prevention, Cloud/O365 Security and Security analytics / forensics in India’s security market.

By 2019, GlobeSecure Technologies expects to diversify further into consulting and services. "We will expand locally as well as nationally with the opening of branch offices in Hyderabad and Pune this year," says Narayanasamy. "We expect high double-digit growth over the next couple of years as we prove our value further as a niche security integrator and services provider for India Inc. in the changing technology landscape."