Self-belief and other success mantras from women channel entrepreneurs

On the occasion of Women’s Day, ladies in leadership positions talk about work-life balance, success mantras and other pieces of inspiration for the budding entrepreneurs.

Success cannot be gender specific; do not fear failures and embarassments; take them as feedback, and move on. So says the ladies in the leadership, sharing their nuggets of wisdom this Women's Day, and wishing to see more women pursue success.

Manasi Saha, CEO of Macaws Infotech, believes in two success mantras: ‘Survival of the fittest’ and ‘love to win/ hate to lose.’ She says, “Many companies fail to adapt to changing environment, especially when that evolution is caused by technology, which can threaten their survival in the process. Hence, I transform and evolve.”

“Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail; take it as feedback, learn from it and move on. Come out of your comfort zone, do not be afraid of what people are going to think of you. Get started. Starting somewhere will ensure that you will reach somewhere.”

   Nandini Sharma, Director, Comnet Resources

  Nandini Sharma, Director, Comnet Resources

Nandini Sharma, director of Comnet Resources, believes in the power of three Ps--People, Perseverance and Passion, with a lot of assistance from the fourth one, which is Patience. She says, “I believe in the karmic cycle, and believe that hard work gets rewarded eventually. Invest in people (try to build a team, train, and nurture them). A team of right set of people is very important. People who are as passionate as you are, people who share your dream and who believe in working as hard as you do.”

However, Saha believes that attitude plays an important role to be successful in whatever she does. She is a firm believer that 100 percent dedication, determination and discipline will make you a winner. There is no shortcut for success. To be successful, one needs to have a burning desire for success.

“Success cannot be gender specific. If you want to be successful, believe in yourself. Set up SMART goals. Have the desire for success, ability to learn new skills, and willingness to learn. One is an attitude you can adopt, second is a skill that can be easily learned, and the third is a personality trait that can be mastered.”

 Manasi Saha, CEO, Macaws Infotech

  Manasi Saha, CEO, Macaws Infotech

Anita Jain, owner and director of Trident Information Systems says she always try to create a work-life balance by always finding time to spend with her family, participating in their activities and helping her family to achieve their goals and dreams.

Saha says, “Let me do an honest confession, I enjoy all my responsibility towards my company as well as my family. I like that people depend on me whether it’s my family or organization. If you enjoy your position or role you won’t find difficulties in balancing.”

However, Sharma over a time realized that the best way to get over time-crunch is to train people. She says, “I have managed to train my “clones” both at my workplace and at home. The sole purpose was to ensure that I had extended hands in both places. Each member of comnet team can back up for the other – the average vintage of the senior members of the Comnet team is more than 12 years and as such I am not missed in office, even when I am not there.

She further elaborates, saying she strongly believe that this is the situation every business owner should strive to be in. At home too, her daughter and mother-in-law are very supportive and have taken part of her role.

Succession plans: professionalism rules

Talking about succession planning, most of the women leaders are ready to hand over the baton to their colleagues or their kids. Jain says, “Both my daughters have chosen their respective fields which is Medical and Environment Science. So they are not the potential successors. The baton would be passed on to a professional who is part of the organization.”

“Always define your target segment which you can serve. Then look at the solution and technology which will help them mitigate their problems or help them grow their revenue.”

 Anita Jain, Director, Trident Information Systems

Anita Jain, Director, Trident Information Systems

Saha believes she is right now quite young and physically fit enough to carry on for another 20 years at least. She says, “If at all the question arises, I will look for two options: a) Collaborating with some other security vendor. Or b) my employees who are with me for all these years, can be a stake holder of my Company.”

However according to Sharma, she was fortunate to have the right set of people, who have all grown up together. She says, “The average vintage of core team of Comnet is more than 12 years and the company belongs to them as much as it belongs to me. My daughter had started coming to office with me as a toddler and learnt about the basics form the team only. After her management education she will be monitoring and leading the company with the team.”

Technology trends

Looking ahead at the key technology trends in 2018, Saha says, “We are at pace with the industry in new security trends, and are providing Innovative solutions We are evaluate ourselves continuously to upgrade ourselves moving to IOT, Artificial Intelligence, RPA, and Cloud as a service.”

Anita Jain of Trident believes that the key technology trends which are relevant to their customer space are IoT for manufacturing, mobile application for various process automations, and Cloud. They have built solutions based on the industry requirements and are taking them to the customers.

However, Comnet Resources are into hardware distribution and their business totally depends upon OEMs / Principals.

Important piece of advice to IT entrepreneur starting out

Jain suggests beginners to define their target segment which they can serve and then look at the solution and technology which will help them mitigate their problems or help them grow their revenue.

Saha suggests a must have skill is ability to learn new skills and the desire for success and willingness to learn. She says, “Success cannot be gender specific, if you want to be successful believe in yourself. You need to setup SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) goals for your success.”

“My message to budding professionals is to believe in yourself. It’s only this inner strength which will hold you in good stead in any industry you work in. Always remember that failure is never final. Don’t be afraid to fail; take it as feedback, learn from it and move on. Never be afraid of being embarrassed. Come out of your comfort zone, not be afraid of what people are going to think of you,” said Sharma.