Synchronized Security Platform will help simplify security: Sunil Sharma, Sophos

Sunil Sharma, MD-Sales (India & SAARC), Sophos was speaking at the 10th edition of ChannelWorld Premier100 Awards and Symposium about how security can be simplified.

“Almost 40 percent of the customers ( across the world) are still at phase one of security and the balance 49 percent are opportunistic. They are trying to be prepared and compliant. In India most of the audience fall in stage one only," says Sunil Sharma, MD- Sales ( India and SAARC) Sophos while talking at the 10th edition of ChannelWorld Premier100. 

"There are less than 10 percent of organizations who are looking at security in a proactive manner,” he added. 

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  • Only 10 percent of organizations work proactively on security measures.
  •  46 percent of organizations believe there is shortage of cyber skills in India.
  • Most organizations are still on phase one of security.

Sharma says that the top security challenges in 2018 would be on managing security in an hybrid environment. Along with this he believes that challenges would also include effective security sourcing, not having sufficient visibility of workload, and lack of board-level awareness and support on security.

In terms of customer expectations, Sharma says that the fractional vendor landscape is not effective. The fractional vendor landscape is when a vendor can provide a solution and another vendor provides another solution rather than a complete robust solution. Customers also want to know how they can further enhance their security posture and how they can demonstrate the value of security investment.

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“Around 46 percent of organizations believe that there is a shortage of cyber skills, the complexity in terms of attack is increasing and defenses against the risks are uncoordinated,” says Sharma.

Sophos is trying to simplify security with synchronized security platform. In a synchronized security on one side you have network security which includes emails, Wifi etc., and on the other side there is endpoint to mobility to server to encryption to phish threat. These two sets talk to each other in a rhythm and are managed together by Sophos Central which is on the cloud.

Sharma also introduced a new product called Intercept X with deep learning- a comprehensive endpoint solution. This allows Sophos the use the data collected over 33 years and protect from every possible risk that has ever existed.