What Makes Tyrone Systems a Force to Reckon With
As a provider of niche technologies, Tyrone Systems, is one of the few technology providers who customize products according to the needs of the customer.
Ishan Bhattacharya Mar 19th 2015 A-A+

With new technologies come new challenges, with new challenges come great opportunities and today, business is where opportunities lie. And it is, indeed, embedded in storage, big data, and analytics.

Tyrone Systems is one such specialist provider of HPC (High Performance Computing), unified storage, server and big data solutions.

Tyrone Systems have more than 250 server products which can be customized according to the needs of the customer. What’s unique about its server products is that it provides SAN, NAS, and virtual tape library in one box. “We have a fairly niche client segment, that’s evident from our solutions and product offerings,” says Sandeep Lodha, VP, Sales and Marketing, Tyrone Systems.

Tyrone presently adopts a hybrid model, where, it directly sells to customers and collaborates with select SIs, VARs or VADs for large projects. “Indian channel partners are more than reliable in their business. Unlike Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore; channel partners in India are extremely technically sound. Another big plus is a large number of channel partners in India,” says Lodha.

Choosing the right channel partner is one part of a success story. “All of our competing vendors in the server market have six to ten models at the most. However, today’s modern customers need to customize their own requirements for the server while it should be the other way round,” he says.

Tyrone not only offers over 200 options for servers but its products are often tweaked according to the customer’s requirement. “This is a major differentiator for us,” says Lodha.

Today, growing companies want a product that can easily scale, is highly flexible and extremely competitive. “We deliver on these three requisite parameters to a large extent. Going forward, however, our plan is to work with distributors to help propel our recently launched storage and backup solutions,” he adds.

Tyrone is fast maturing in big data analytics, which many vendors can not provide owing to its enormity, according to Lodha. “We will hopefully master it in a few years’ time. For now, everyone has a small piece of the cake including us. But big data has huge potential, especially with regards to unstructured data in the telecom sector,” says Lodha.

Storage is a highly interesting area and that market will never slow down, according to him. Owing to so many different requirements across varied customers and changing business environment, no vendor can say ‘we have all the storage solutions’, he adds.

“There are hard drives with Ethernet ports called object storage, then there are parallel file systems which demand supercomputing technology or needs very high ops. There are also environments where parallel file systems are being integrated with big data. Big data can even be a storage kind of a platform,” says Lodha.

Apart from storage, Lodha at Tyrone is buoyant about HPC and Big Data. The company made India’s fastest hybrid supercomputing machine in Pune, and has more than 400 installations all across the country. Anything and everything that can be simulated today is done with HPC, he says.

India being a knowledge-based country, the possibilities pertaining to supercomputing are endless. “For example, a new medicine takes 10 to 12 years to get into the market, the first five-six years are spent in lab testing but now all these can be simulated in a super computer and the testing part can be completed in a few months’ time,” says Lodha.