ACPL ups security ante with UnifiedSecure: Vishal Bindra

UnifiedSecure provides end-to-end security for data in transit over internet says Vishal Bindra, CEO, ACPL Systems. 


ACPL Systems is strengthening its foothold in the information security space. A two decade old technology company recently launched its own brand UnifiedSecure in Indian market. In an exclusive interaction with CSO India ; Vishal Bindra, CEO, ACPL Systems spoke on the foray into SSL VPN space and the company’s roadmap in 2017.

Edited Excerpts.

What was the need to launch another security product UnifiedSecure in the crowded market?

Over the past one decade, there has been immense growth of internet, broadband and mobile spectrum, having capability of fast internet connectivity and reach. The security of data in transit has been a colossal challenge for organizations’ IT and security teams and it will always be so in future.

ACPL has always remained a specialist in Information Security space and we strongly believe that network security will play a major role in Internet driven Connectivity world more than ever before.

UnifiedSecure is an innovative step to provide complete end-to-end security for data in transit over Internet. It is a well-known fact in the industry that information Security and performance including User Experience do not go hand-in- hand. UnifiedSecure powered with innovative HPAA (Hybrid Performance Acceleration Architecture) Technology overcomes the performance limitation and provides Fastest Secure Remote Access to companies.

UnifiedSecure offers UnifiedSecure USG SSL VPN series for the enterprises. The UCG series with unique Secure Cloud based platform helps telco and ISPs to launch Cloud based highly scalable SSL VPN service to their customers.

How does UnifiedSecure solve the pain points of modern CSOs of Indian organizations?

Today every organization has consolidated their network and created data centers / DR’s at one location and put their business applications at DC/DR. As a business requisite they need to provide access to these applications on real time basis, outside their datacenters which creates security risk. UnifiedSecure 's High Speed SSL VPN Solutions that provides complete End to End connectivity and access security makes it easy for CSO’s to meet their business goals for providing Secure Remote Access. And importantly without compromising on the performance and user experience.

The Client Login is done under three seconds along with up to 30x faster application access, which results in unmatched user experience and at the same time provides complete security.

Highlight the product’s GTM in terms of enterprise size, vertical focus and business model? Would you upsell and cross sell into ACPL’s existing client base?

UnifiedSecure is a channel driven OEM. The product and technology is best suited for Large Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, Telco’s and ISP’s. However, we offer entry level range  which can meet SMB’s Secure Access needs too. UnifiedSecure’s business model on the large side is Capex but we do have OPEX Model with telcos launching Cloud based SSL VPN Service Solutions.

As a channel driven organization, we are trying to leverage our existing clients but we at the same time are positioning our channel partners in the qualified accounts to add healthy value addition for our Channel Partners. We are running various channel partners development schemes and incentives apart to healthy Partner Margins which are well above Industry Standard.

How indigenous is UnifiedSecure? Did you create a special team of technical, sales people in ACPL Systems for the same?

UnifiedSecure is a 100% indigenous product developed in India. We have strong experienced engineering team in Gurgaon India along with global tech support.

ACPL Systems have well invested in best of breed Team for this BU - be it sales, support or R&D. The team at UnifiedSecure consists of highly experienced persons who have purely worked on SSL VPN Technologies and they deeply understand the needs and requirements of the customers.  These operations are totally independent of ACPL.

Isn’t it tough for a new vendor to shine in the crowded SSL VPN market?

More than 100 POC’s mainly across verticals like manufacturing, retail and telecom have been conducted in past few quarters. With over 50 enterprise deployments in India, UnifiedSecure has already established its name as challenger in the Indian market. And we are looking now more from an execution point of view than as an entrant.

One of the main challenges we face is establishing our branding and instilling the confidence in the product. We are completely relying on the customer experience during the POC for the companies to invest in UnifiedSecure technologies.

More than 100 POCs of the product have been conducted across manufacturing, retail and telecom. With over 50 deployments across Indian enteprises, UnifiedSecure has established its name as a challenger in SSL VPN market. 

Why should India Inc. invest in UnifiedSecure versus the competing offerings in the market?

UnifiedSecure has done the fundamental Innovation in terms of HPAA Technology thereby eliminating performance degradation (by default) pain with existing Legacy SSL VPN solutions.

We have already created success stories by not winning over market leaders but replacing some world leading organizations in popular analyst’s quadrant ratings. This clearly shows that there is a prominent need for our Next Generation VPN Products in the market. The current market scenario and the strong need for Fast Secure Access Platforms makes UnifiedSecure a much preferred choice to be invested into by IT and security teams of Indian enterprises.

What business opportunities do you expect from new product lines Klassify and now UnifiedSecure for ACPL Systems?

Data security is not just a need but it has become the necessity across all sizes of organizations. Secure Remote Access is highly emerging market with more organizations looking to migrate to clouds, fast Secure Access Solutions become an obvious choice.

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UnifiedSecure with HPAA Technology makes it one of world’s fastest VPN and Klassify again is a unique product we launched in 2015 for data classification and compliance at end-organisations. At ACPL Systems, we aim for triple digit growth every year and I believe these two product lines will help us elevate our value prop as competent ‘end-to-end’ Security Company.