App security is goldmine for channels in 2018: Nikhil Taneja, Radware

We have expanded our reach in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India through recruitment of new channel partners says Nikhil Taneja, MD, India, SAARC & ME, Radware.

Radware Jun 18th 2018 A-A+

Radware’s suite of DDoS protection and web application security offerings provide integrated solutions designed to secure data centers and applications everywhere. “We intend to add more tier-2 and tier-3 channel partners in 2018. We are looking at channel partners focused on information security and have required skillsets to educate the prospective customers in this domain,” says Nikhil Taneja, MD, India, SAARC and ME, Radware.

Edited Excerpts. 

How has the application economy changed from security perspective? What’s Radware GTM to protecting Apps for companies?

Irrespective of nature of business, software applications have become an integral part of any business environment today. As a result, there are increased number of hacking attempts to either steal the data or disrupt a business process. Applications today are more vulnerable than before with the advent of mobile backends, IoT, DevSecOps and Indiscriminate open source components to name a few. Application security is one of the most vital components in maintaining a healthy business. As cyber-attacks increase in frequency, sophistication, and severity, application security and network security solutions need to meet and surpass these ever changing threats. 

Radware’s suite of DDoS protection and web application security offerings provide integrated solutions designed to secure data centers and applications everywhere. Complete with anti-DDoS, network behavioral analysis, SSL attack mitigation, IPS, WAF and in-the-cloud DDoS mitigation in one integrated system, the solution offers a multi-vector attack detection and mitigation solution, handling network layer and server based attacks, malware propagation and intrusion activities.

Nikhil’s ‘Engage, Educate & Enhance’ mantra for channels


Engage with customers in understanding their security posture


Educate them more on the latest tech trends in the market


Enhance their network security with latest Radware solutions

What are the new age challenges for CIOs and CISOs to secure their IT infra from the multi-vector attacks? 

Multi-vector attacks have turned into a new normal off-late to get around current defenses of an enterprise. Multi-vector tactics increase the attacker’s chance of success by targeting several different networking or infrastructure resources and this makes it difficult for CIOs and CISOs to effectively defend against such tactical attacks capable of causing wide scale damage. 

To effectively defend against these multi-vector attacks, it is essential to gain total visibility, reduce the gaps between detection, analysis, and protection as well as employ a multi-threaded approach that can handle both application-layer and network-layer attacks.

Radware delivers tremendous value in the form of a broad suite of DDoS mitigation solutions to meet the specific needs of any enterprise—solutions that are integrated, and that leverage the latest cutting-edge DDoS mitigation technologies to stop even the most determined threat actors.

Radware offers DefenseFlow, a network DDoS attack prevention and cyber control application designed to detect and mitigate network-wide, multi-vector attacks. DefenseFlow offers Network-Wide DDoS Protection and Centralized Cyber Control and supports always-on/SmarTap and hosted customer protection use cases for service providers to provide the widest DDoS attack defense and detection coverage coupled with immediate attack mitigation.

How do you see adoption for your solutions like - DDoS protection, web application firewall (WAF), application delivery and load balancing solutions – in India ?

Nowadays almost every application is web based and each of these applications experience huge loads with thousands of concurrent users accessing them. Similarly the servers carrying these applications are hit with multiple requests at the same time. To ensure smooth application access and enhanced user experience, organizations must ensure application availability at all times and this is possible only with advanced application delivery and load balancing solutions. 
With ever increasing threat level index, it is imperative for the organizations to secure their applications from hackers and hence WAF becomes the obvious choice. If your data is dearer to you, you better be equipped with DDoS mitigation and protection services. In short, any organization which cares for the app user experience and security cannot do away with DDoS protection, WAF and ADC solutions.

While India is certainly waking up to new cyber threats, the adaption of robust security measure is a bit slow in India and SAARC markets in comparison with ME markets. Though there is slowness in adaption, they are not far too behind and will catch up sooner or later.

We have been working closely with our India VAD RAH Infotech particularly on Government and smart city projects across the country and also in expanding our reach in upcountry markets.



Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director, India, SAARC & ME, Radware

Radware India reportedly had good growth last year (Jan to Dec 2017) in India. What will be the main focus areas in 2018 and why?

Yes, we did have a double digit growth last year and we are hopeful of replicating the same this year too. We increased the team size of Radware in India by 10%, added many new customers and expanded our reach in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities through recruitment of new channel partners.

The prime focus areas in 2018 and beyond lies in help the customers marry the business need with technology investments. Radware is also exploring technology partnerships with key OEMs for tight technology integration at the customer infra. While there will be increased focus on providing cyber security solutions to organizations, educating partners and customers on the new technology trends will be a top priority.

My Key Priorities for India : Radware’s Nikhil Taneja


Continue to work on all major smart city projects across India


Expand into Tier-2/Tier-3 cities with security focused channels


Increase existing footprint with cloud- based security solutions

What’s the update on your alliance with India distributor RAH Infotech? Any recent initiatives you have jointly undertaken?

Radware India is associated with RAH Infotech as its India VAD for more than five years. It’s been a great journey so far and we will continue to leverage on each other’s strengths for mutual benefit. We have been working closely with RAH Infotech particularly on the Government and smart city projects across the country and also in expanding our reach in upcountry markets.

RAH has helped us expand our reach not only in India but in SAARC region by helping us recruit new channel partners and acquire newer customers in these markets. They add value in terms of channel enablement as well.

Your channel mantras for enterprise channel partners to grow their security business.

My mantra for channel partners revolves around Engage, Educate and Enhance. They should engage with their customers in understanding their security posture, educate them on the latest trends in the market and enhance their network security with the latest Radware security solutions. This not only ensures channels’ hold over their key accounts but also incremental business and increased margins.

Radware’s key priorities for Indian market in 2018 will be to continue working on all major smart city projects and expand into Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities through security focused channel partners. We also intend to increase our footprint into cloud based security solutions for the Indian enterprises.