Dell EMC will help customers deliver to their business needs: Rajesh Janey, Dell-EMC

Dell-EMC has delivered to promise in the last year, and will take conversations to the next level with partners and customers, says Rajesh Janey, President & Managing Director, Enterprise Dell-EMC 

Edited Excerpts: 
Since the time Dell –EMC segmented its business units into Enterprise and Commercial, how has it panned out for you in India?

The Dell-EMC merger is probably the best merger we would have witnessed and perhaps one of the big tech mergers that worked well. We took time to prepare – but, yes, when we had clarity, we were ready to reach out. The last 4 quarters have been very satisfying. We are No 1 in hyper-converged infra, storage, be it flash, in PC growth, in server units – in almost every stack. 

I think in India too, a similar story played out and the key thing was the vision of the company saying we have a huge portfolio which is unmatched by anybody else – right from Edge to core to cloud. IDC reports suggest that in storage, over the last 3 quarters, our cumulative market share was 32.3%, in Q3 server market share was 33% mainstream. Another aspect is that we recently conducted a customer survey wherein 91% of customers feel we have delivered to the promise of the merger. 

If you look at our one-year anniversary result on Dell EMC, you will find some interesting statistics about how much debt has been returned in year one itself. So, clearly it’s been satisfying. And India is one of the fastest growing markets for Dell EMC in this region- we are in the top 3 or 5 in the market, in terms of market share revenues. It’s in our interest to leverage this solid foundation of year one to catapult us to the next level in the years 2018/2019.

“We are open to joint innovation and co-innovation and in playing a role to help customers deliver to their business needs.”

Rajesh Janey

                President & Managing Director, Enterprise Dell EMC

What have you hearing from partners about Dell EMC, the context being that Dell EMC has a complex combined portfolio, which got simplified at some places where there was no product overlaps; but product conflicts remain? 

Recently, we had 54 attendees from India at a global partner conference. And feedback on the overall experience with Dell EMC and the journey was very positive. Partners opined that they feel more comfortable with the messaging that they are hearing now - the ability for them to translate the messaging into customer conversation and therefore translate that into a share of wallet etc.

Last year, we launched our combined channel program. It went to the market factoring almost all areas of partner engagement - and we are now only building on top of that, where partners can go to customers with viable offerings. We have resolved most of the product conflicts and left some of the conflicting choices in the hands of the customers to decide. We would recommend and then leave it to them to take the final call – what they want from the Dell-EMC umbrella. 

Michael Dell has gone on record about fostering innovation and huge investment India. What will be Dell EMC India’s contribution? 

HPC, IoT, AI – will be Dell EMC’s global focus areas for innovation. Our value system emphasizes on innovation. India has a huge presence of Dell EMC R&D team. A recent example is the new generation server that we launched – 14 G - and quite a lot of work was done out of India. We want to stay in touch with R&D because we have to stay relevant.  

What will be big in 2018?

Artificial Intelligence

Machine-Human Partnership

Virtual Reality


CIOs are now hugely encouraged to look beyond larger vendors and increase face-time with startups. At the same time, established players like Dell EMC are fostering innovation in a big way. So, do you see this trend as a good thing or a conflict of interest?

Why should it be a conflict of interest? There are areas where we ourselves are investing as a corporation – in Pivotal Cloud Foundy and Boomi, to name a few. We are open to joint innovation and co-innovation with start-ups or customers who are liaising with start-ups. We believe we are playing a role to help customers deliver to their business needs. We would never hold a customer to ransom for their choices – in fact, competition and joint innovation are good things to happen. 

Besides, for Dell EMC, what goes in our favor is an institutionalized customer base, customer depth and width of coverage, and of course, the fact that we address BFSI, manufacturing, IT, and importantly, telecom, which remains a very big vertical for us. 

In the year 2018 -2019, what are the 3 or 4 things you think ideally enterprise CIOs should be looking at?

AI will make a beginning in most of the mainstream processes. Besides, human-machine partnership, virtual reality more from a training and overall visual experience perspective. Yes, security is and will be paramount. That will continue to be a big focus area in FY 2018 and FY 2019.