The future lies embedded in Biometrics: Shiraz Kapadia, Invixium

The next big tech trends are a consolidation of various technologies/features in a biometric system and the use of biometrics for delivering a true personalization experience in the vast expanding era of IoT.

With so many investments happening in public and private partnership related projects in India, have you done any government related projects as well?

I duly recognize the opportunity for various traditional and innovative applications of biometrics in private and public sectors in India. We have done numerous small, medium and large scale government projects in various countries and have also started an aggressive but methodical penetration in India. In 2012, we set-up an R&D lab in Ahmedabad and recently announced a major expansion of our Indian operation, Invixium Access Private Limited (IAPL) – a wholly owned subsidiary of Invixium Group – a Canadian corporation.

This expansion enables system integrators and resellers to purchase Invixium products locally from IAPL in INR and avail local technical support and repair center for in & out of warranty service.

A National Sales Director will be can now be appointed for pursuing small and large scale private & government projects and channel development and management and our local marketing support for partners in India can organize trade and training events.

What are the next big trends that will affect the biometric solution industry?

Biometrics is enjoying a dramatic adoption globally for security, convenience and personalization. I believe that the next big tech trends are consolidation of various technologies/features in a biometric system and the use of biometrics for delivering a true personalization experience in the vast expanding era of Internet of Things (IoT).

Secondly, the ruggedized biometric technologies and products for authenticating enterprise personnel in harsh industries like construction, oil & gas, mining and sea ports. Thirdly, the cloud-based data storage, mining and analytics of biometric & user data for electronic time tracking of employees and analyzing employee behavior to increase productivity and eliminate intentional and unintentional time theft.

Are you a complete product related organization or do you have any solutions for the enterprises or for the matter SMB’s?

Invixium is on a mission to deliver a fresh experience in using biometrics. Invixium has designed the next generation biometric access products and solutions using fingerprint and finger vein recognition. As governments, enterprises and small & medium businesses (SMBs) globally are adopting biometric access control for security and convenience, the demand for next generation, internet ready and modern products is on the rise and Invixium products are modern and IoT ready, exquisitely designed and are consumer centric.

Invixium’s partnership with Control4 Corporation was in the news early this year. What kind of impact has it had on your plans for the Indian market?

Invixium’s partnership with Control4 is a ‘game changer’ and will be trend-altering. Invixium’s products are the first biometric devices to get certified by Control4 and the smart automation industry. Biometrics allows households to create ‘user profiles’ to personalize their home environment to their liking and mood.

The flexible architecture allows remote configuration, intercom, setting time zones, setting duress alarms and mobile access via the internet. Exquisite design, ease of integration, a plethora of features and internet readiness are the key elements that have attracted the top brands in Home Automation to integrate Invixium technologies into their controllers.

The home automation (also referred to as the Custom Installation) market in India is expanding with high double digit growth and Invixium is on the forefront of attending to this demand and is working with various smart home/building automation dealers. 

Briefly talk about your Channel Partner plans for India if there are any?

With pleasure. Invixium does not sell directly to the end user and has a very simple and effective channel partner program called ‘EVOLVE – The partner growth program’. For the Enterprise Access market vertical, Invixium is already partnered with the top security and IT distributors in India: ADI Global and Ingram Micro. Depending on the level of service required, I encourage system integrators and installers to contact either of these distributors OR IAPL to facilitate a purchase. 

What would you say are the biggest changes in the public’s attitudes towards biometric technologies compared to last year?

The public’s acceptance of biometrics has grown considerably. The world is using biometrics in national ID cards, using fingerprints instead of PINs to access mobile phones, using biometrics for access control and personalization of home automation and deploying biometric products for electronic time tracking of employees.

I believe this fact is now well understood by the public and that this technology is best suited for secure access and personalized control.