Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has grown into a stronger ‘end-to-end’ IT services provider: Tarun Seth

The last two years of operations under Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic have been extremely fruitful with Y-o-Y revenue growth of 58 percent, says company’s MD Tarun Seth.


It's been two years since Hitachi Systems acquired Delhi-headquartered IT services provider company Micro Clinic.

Micro Clinic India was acquired by Japanese Conglomerate Hitachi Systems in February 2014, marking one of the biggest acquisitions in the IT provider space in India.

How is the joint entity making inroads in the Indian Inc. in past twenty four months? IDG India spoke to Tarun Seth, Managing Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic for an update on their India business and how do they view enterprise technology market in 2016 and beyond.

 With the acquisition by tech giant Hitachi Systems, we are now able to address a much larger customer base and also invest in new technology areas, says Seth on the company’s value proposition for the IT needs of organizations. Edited excerpts:

What has been the company’s growth in this acquisition period?

The last two years of operations under Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic have been extremely fruitful for us.

We currently have a customer base stretching over 3,000 enterprises across the length and breadth of India. We have IT deployments (products, solutions and services) across all the industry verticals. Our revenue growth Y-o-Y has been around 58 percent.

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How has the acquisition helped erstwhile Micro Clinic scale its operations? Highlight couple of benefits from the alliance.

With the acquisition by tech giant Hitachi Systems, we are now able to address a much larger customer base and also invest in new technology areas. We have also been able to grow the organization in B and C cities of India--for example, we have extended our reach to Guwahati.

In terms of new technology areas, we are focusing on Cloud and Analytics. In the coming year, we will also market a lot of products build by our parent company Hitachi.

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You hired senior people, including Peter Theobald, Rajan Bhandari and others in 2015. What was the rationale and how important is hiring the right set of people at Hitachi Micro Clinic?

Hiring senior people was aimed at scaling the business faster. We also wanted industry specialists for more focus on each business operation. Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has always been a people driven organization. Inducting the right talent for the right positions is extremely important for us to keep growing at this pace.

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What five big opportunities you see from both perspectives--domain and vertical--in 2016, and why?

I expect the government initiatives to really start kicking off this year. As per Gartner, the government spend in FY 16-17 is slated to be around $7 billion. This sector is going to play an important role for us. 2016 will be the year where we should see the real evolution of hybrid cloud market. Azure has already launched its data center in India and AWS will follow soon. This will open the market for cloud as many companies today are hesitant to move to cloud because datacenters of cloud providers are not present in India.

Data growth and the requirement for faster reports will propel analytics for business decisions as the need of the hour. Hence we are buoyant on analytics. Startups has been growing tremendously and we will be focusing on this segment so that we can grow as they grow.

Lastly, we continue our focus on security, which should keep growing this year. Modern organizations today are looking at all the solutions to protect their IT environment from any downtime.

How has the traction changed with CIOs and technology OEMS since Micro Clinic is now part of Hitachi Systems?

With both the OEMs, we now want to understand their focus areas and how we can partner with them and undertake any new and big initiatives as a joint activity. We can now participate in large tenders with them.

CIOs have been helpful and supportive all through the years as we complete twenty five years of business in September this year. We now want to invest in their business in terms of people and technology to keep growing their business and understand the areas of interest for them.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic invested in NOC and SOC last year. What has been the benefits on those initiatives?

NOC and SOC enables us to provide 24*7*365 support to our customers. Hence we are able to provide a lot of value to our customers whilst supporting their infrastructure. We have a strategy in place to continue growing our remote support in 2016 and beyond.

 What will your key GTM this year for India market? Any new growth initiatives?

The GTM for 2016 is crystal clear--we intent to focus on implementing end-to-end deployments and support our customers for all their IT needs.

We have a new vertical in our business where our teams are working on many new technologies, which we believe will greatly benefit our customers. Everyone will soon hear a lot about the same in the coming year.