iValue to create 4x growth in five years with Creador deal: Sriram Srinivasan and Arjun Balan

Creador has invested USD 18 million dollars in iValue InfoSolutions, a value added distributor company in India, as the duo is set to achieve great milestones in ICT market.


In one of the first private equity (PE) investment for value added distributor (VAD) in India, Creador has made a mark. The PE firm has invested USD 18 million dollars in iValue InfoSolutions. The investment of Rs. 126 crores in iValue, founded by Sunil Pillai and Sriram Srinivasan, will elevate the company to the next pinnacle, backed by Creador Advisors India.

IDG India had a detailed and exclusive interaction with Arjun Balan, senior vice president – Creador Advisors India and Sriram Srinivasan, co-founder and chief strategy officer at iValue InfoSolutions on the joint GTM, technology roadmap and revenues forecast for the future.  

Edited Excerpts. 

As VAD business in India and globally are becoming tough with shrinking profit margins, changing channel ecosystem and mergers spree- what is the real value of Creador’s investment in iValue?

Srinivasan: Since iValue InfoSolutions’ inception in 2008, we have come a long way in the field of IT distribution. With our foundation firmly in place, we at iValue believe that we are in the right stage for investment from the timing prospective. We have right engines deployed in multiple areas to implement our next go-to-market. 

... Cybersecurity and digital asset product and management is growing much faster in India as well as in global markets. We are overwhelmed that Creador is investing in iValue at the right time. This will enable us to leverage growth opportunities and also maximize growth areas simultaneously.
Sriram Srinivasan
Co-founder and chief strategy officer, iValue InfoSolutions

After a deep analysis of current market scenario, we feel technologies like cybersecurity and digital asset product and management (iValue’s focus areas) is growing much faster in India as well as in the global markets.  We are overwhelmed that Creador is investing in iValue at the right time. This will enable us to leverage growth opportunities and also maximize growth areas.

Balan: I agree with Sriram. There are a lot of transformations that is happening on cybersecurity side, both locally and globally. Earlier, cybersecurity was used only by IT and internet companies. But today, we largely see cybersecurity becoming more and more main stream, translating very good growth opportunities from India market. Therefore, Creador decided to partner with iValue InfoSolutions and achieve milestones together in India market.

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3 Reasons Creador invested in iValue : Arjun Balan


Focused VAD for cybersecurity and digital asset management - the fastest growing segments in India


Dedication of top level management in conducting business and exploring more growth opportunities


Track record of iValue on its growth, margins and returns have been really good over the years.


Is this Creador’s first investment in India? Any plans to recruit senior management executives in India to work closely with iValue? 

Balan: We have been investing in India since 2011. The deal with iValue is Creador’s eleventh investment in India. But this is our first investment in a technology company in India. 

Creador has its presence in India for the last 8 years or so and we have our office located in Chennai. 

iValue is a highly appreciated company as they are well versed with the knowledge on emerging technologies as well as the management executives are highly experienced in running businesses successfully in India. 

We believe this association would surely add value to some specific aspects of iValue business. For instance, working capital financing in terms of more inorganic acquisitions - suggesting iValue on synergies to adopt based on our past experience in other markets. These will definitely help iValue boost its business and thus enable mutual benefits for both companies.

... At macro level, India has been a very good market for us. We have invested a lot as well as returned capitals to our investors from this region. In South East Asia Fund mandate, India has always been a core market for investments and we are happy with Creador’s first investment in a technology company in India.
Arjun Balan
Senior Vice President, Creador Advisors India

Will the investment expand iValue’s operations across other geographies besides its key focus on India? 

Srinivasan: Though not a big one, iValue already has presence in SAARC and African countries. With Creador joining hands with iValue, we look forward to grow in these regions, along with maximizing our growth in India market. 

From technology prospective, we would focus on adding more solutions around data networks and application management. Other multiple growth opportunities include investing in the right geographies to boost growth by leveraging our capabilities. 

Another area would be enhancing technology capabilities for sale, as we would add more value to both customers as well as partners in consulting, design and development.  We look forward to explore inorganic growth opportunities in the cybersecurity domain as well.

Key Growth accelerators for iValue & Creador: Sriram Srinivasan


Add more solutions in data networks and app management


Invest in right geographies by leveraging our capabilities


Help customers, partners in consulting, design and development


Explore inorganic growth opportunities in technologies like cybersecurity

Most of the VADs are focusing more on new technologies like cloud. Does your company plan to hit the cloud world or continue its prime focus on security and networking space?

Srinivasan: We introspect about newer technologies on a yearly basis. Cloud aggregation has been one of the top three agendas of iValue annual business planning session.  However, we believe it is slightly early for that phase across Indian organizations.

We are ahead of technology curve in moving enterprises and corporate to hybrid cloud.  Today, companies want flexibility of private datacenter as well as public cloud and many of them also insist on moving from one public cloud to other. In the last couple of years, this has gained a lot of traction and so we have built a solution in this area.  iValue is ready for the cloud game and we are currently assisting customers in their hybrid journey.

What were the prime factors or brownie points of iValue that appealed the most to Creador? 

Balan: Speaking about investing in iValue, it is a focused VAD for cybersecurity segment and digital asset management that are the fastest growing segments in India. iValue has a great focus in these two business lines. The dedication of top level management in conducting businesses and exploring more growth opportunities gives us confidence on the company’s ability to growth in this high note market. 

Additionally, the track record  of iValue on growth, margins and returns are really good and has been one of the significant reasons for Creador’ s investment.

Do you believe Indian ICT market is a shiny pool for private equity companies like yours? 

Balan: At macro level, India has been a very good market for us. We have invested a lot as well as returned capitals to our investors from this region. We have a mandate called South East Asia Fund and India has always been one of the higher priority country as core market for investments in our directive.

Srinivasan: In last five years, we have grown 7x times as a company with maximum revenues from India market. And now with Creador coming on board, iValue is targeting to grow at 4x in the next five years and we have well etched plans to make it a reality. 

Edited By : Poojitha Jayadevan